The CandiStick RGB LED Accent Light

The CandiStick is an RGB LED accent light for your home or office, turn any space into a cool relaxing light scape or even a party! There are several built in lighting effects, as well as a range of customizable colors and effects.
Each CandStick has 60 RGB LEDs, showing a full range of vivid colors and is made of light weight yet elegant aluminum and custom 3D printed modules.

PinkyPi X – WaveShare GamePi15 RaspberryPi Zero Game Console.

PinkyPi X is now available for download on This is based around the WaveShare GamePi15 game hat and a RaspberryPi Zero.
As always, the original Sketchup source files I created when designing this case have been included.

You can also download our precompiled RetroPie 4.5.1 image from our Downloads.
This image has preconfigured controls, and utilizes the fbcp-ili9341 display driver and PiSNES for the best available speeds you can get on a Pi Zero.

If you like the work we do, and would like to support us, please consider a one time or reoccurring donation to our new Patreon we are setting up.
You can also follow along in the build and join in the conversation on our forums in the PinkyPi X thread.

RetroPie – Expanding storage on your SD card.

Most RetroPie images you download wont take advantage of all the free space on your SD card, so how do you expand the partition to utilize the remaining space?
raspi-config is the option we are looking for!

This menu can either be accessed from the main menu once everything is booted.

First Navigate to the RetroPie Settings menu

From here you can access raspi-config

It is also possible to access this menu from command line and an SSH session.

For instructions on getting your RaspberryPi connected to WiFi and setting up SSH, take a look at our other Tutorials;
Configuring RetroPie to connect to WiFi with no keyboard or display.
Configuring RetroPie for SSH with no keyboard or display.

Once you are at the command prompt running the following command will load up the raspi-config menu.

sudo raspi-config

Once in the raspi-config menu, you will want to navigate to
(7) Advanced options
(A1) Expand Filesystem

This will all be pretty automatic, it will grow the file system to take up the remaining space on your SD card.
Once complete, choose OK at the reboot warning, Finish and then allow the device to reboot.

Once rebooted your Retropie setup will utilize all available space on your SD card for ROMs and other data!

PinkyPi X – Waveshare GamePi15 RetroPie image

PinkyPi X – RetroPie 4.5.1 prebuilt image for the Waveshare GamePi15 game hat. SNES and MAME configured and tested. Just flash your SD and play!

Version 1.1 of PinkyPi X is now available for download!
This build utilizes the GamePi15 game hat and bundles the fbcp-ili9341 display driver and other tweaks for the RaspberryPi Zero.

PinkyPi X (GamePi15) – Our Build log / forums
PinkyPi prebuilt image, based off RetroPie 4.5.1
This is for the GamePi15 based PinkyPi build.
Using fbcp-ili9341 display driver.
Using RetroGame GPIO controller driver.
Using PiSNES as default SNES emulator.
version 1.1 (updates 8/31/19)
Using mame4all as default MAME emulator

To recompile the display driver and disable screen sleep/backlight turning off on idle

cd ~/fbcp-ili9341/build
rm CMakeCache.txt
make -j

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Waveshare GamePi15 Homepage