ESP8266 RGB LED Adapter – WITH Pin Header


ESP8266 to RGB LED adapter. Supporting 5v or 12v RGB LEDs.WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B and more. 3.3v Regulator for the ESP controller.

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Our custom ESP8266 Adapter for use with RGB LEDs, such as WS2811, WS2812 and WS218B, allows you to connect your own ESP8266 for any DIY lighting projects.

Attached to our custom PCB is an AMS1117 3.3v Voltage Regulator. 
This accepts 4.75v to 12v input and regulates it down to 3.3v at 800mA to power the ESP8266 module.

The source input voltage (5v-12v) is also routed directly to the LEDs, so be sure to match your Power Source to your LED type. i.e. 5v Power supply with 5v LEDs.

The 3 exposed solder pads are for power and the data line of the RGB LEDs.
GPIO 2 from the ESP8266 is routed to the center pin here, for the RGB LED data.

This version DOES have an attached pin header for the ESP8266, for quick and easy installation.

Please note, the top of the AMS1117 Voltage Regulator does get hot, even more so when using 12v input voltage.



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