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The CandiStick is an RGB LED accent light for your home or office, turn any space into a cool relaxing light scape or even a party! There are several built in lighting effects, as well as a range of customizable colors and effects.
Each CandStick has 60 RGB LEDs, showing a full range of vivid colors and is made of light weight yet elegant aluminum and custom 3D printed modules. 

CandiStick in our Shop

The CandiStick is also developer and maker friendly, the main device controlling each light is an ESP8266. We’ve designed them so you can remove the ESP8266 and replace it with your own hardware or software if you wish. This is only optional, for those that wish to modify or upgrade their CandiStick device.

Enhancing your mood
Using our custom mobile app, you can change the ambience of your space or enlighten your mood!
There are several options available; from solid colors and fades to a handful of beautiful color palettes and customizable effects.

Transform your space into a clear blue skyline, rainbow filled dream or even a pulsating party! Our CandiStick app can support multiple devices and is filled with options, allowing you to create a visual atmosphere to fit any desire.

What comes in the box?
1 – CandiStick LED light, with 60 RGB LEDs
2 – Aluminum legs, with end caps
3 – Self adhesive rubber feet
1 – 5v 3A Power supply

Technical Details
Height: 40 inches
Width: 14 inches
LED Count: 60
LED Type: WS2812B
LED Power: 5v
Controller: ESP8266-01
Power Regulator: AMS1117 3.3v
Power Supply: 5v 3A


2-4 Color Custom Fire Effects
Favorite Color Saving for Certain effects
Device Grouping and Group Effects

CandiStick in our Shop