The CandiStick RGB LED Accent Light

The CandiStick is an RGB LED accent light for your home or office, turn any space into a cool relaxing light scape or even a party! There are several built in lighting effects, as well as a range of customizable colors and effects.
Each CandStick has 60 RGB LEDs, showing a full range of vivid colors and is made of light weight yet elegant aluminum and custom 3D printed modules.

PinkyPi Giveaway!

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Enter to win your very own PinkyPi Micro Handheld Game Console!

Official Rules:

Contest Ends May 31st 2019 – Winner will be selected and announced June 1st 2019.
Winner will be contacted via Email on their registered Email address from our message forums. They will have 1 week (June 8th) to reply and provide a valid shipping address in the Contiguous United States. If they fail to do so, a new winner will be selected June 9th 2019 and the process will repeat.
Shipping is free.

Only 1 entry per person is allowed.
You must be a resident of the Contiguous United States.
You must be 18 or older to enter.

To Enter:

Like / Share this post / page or Tweet.
Follow us on Instagram, YouTube and or Twitter (Links below).
Join our message forums, and comment on the PinkyPi Giveaway thread on our forums, adding where you followed and shared this.
A random post will be selected from the Forum posts, validated you are following/subscribed and have shared our post.

Product Details:

PinkyPi Handheld Game Console, with NES Themed case.
Raspberry Pi Zero W
Waveshare 1.3inch LCD Display hat (240×240)
500mAh battery
32GB MicroSD Card flashed with the PinkPi prebuilt image version 1.0
NO ROMS are included, this is a RetroPie 4.4 based image with graphics drivers/button mapping and themes configured.
Again, NO ROMS are included on this image/device! Do not ask us for ROMs or games, we do not and will not provide these.

**We ship only to the Contiguous United States, shipping will be free to the Winner. Outside of the Continental United States is not eligible for this contest.
No warranty and or hardware guarantee is provided for this item, components are very small and fragile.
This item is not eligible for return,refund or exchange, all transactions are final.
The joystick is very fragile, because of this the joystick top will be shipped detached, and the recipient must gently press fit it into place.