The CandiStick RGB LED Accent Light

The CandiStick is an RGB LED accent light for your home or office, turn any space into a cool relaxing light scape or even a party! There are several built in lighting effects, as well as a range of customizable colors and effects.
Each CandStick has 60 RGB LEDs, showing a full range of vivid colors and is made of light weight yet elegant aluminum and custom 3D printed modules.

ESP8266 to RGB LED Adapters, Making Your Life Easier.

We are opening up orders for our ESP8266 to RGB LED adapters, supporting all variants of 3 wire RGB LEDs, including WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B and more!
Each adapter includes an AMS1117 3.3v regulator, and will work with 12v or 5v LEDs. You can choose from 2 versions, with or without a 8 pin pin header , depending on your project needs.
These do not include the ESP module, and are designed for the ESP8266 (ESP01) chip.

Check out our web store for each version:
ESP Adapter with Pin Header
ESP Adapter NO Pin Header

Power is connected to either the top of the AMS1117 voltage regulator, or the solder pads below. This is then split and goes into the voltage regulator as well as straight to the LEDs.
Thus if your input voltage is 5v, you will need to run 5v LEDs, if your input voltage is 12v you will need to run 12v LEDs.
The AMS1117 regulator drops the voltage down to 3.3v for the ESP module itself.