THE A500 Mini Pandory Mod Hack is AWESOME! [Guide & Overview] *RetroArch, New Emulators, Fixes*

Make your Amiga 500 Mini infinitely better with the A500mini Pandory mod!
Download, then pop it on a usb stick. Easy!

Note: This is a softmod. It does not change anything on the THEA500MINI. To remove it, delete the folder or just don’t use the USB stick.

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Barry Leitch’s Bandcamp:

A Mario Kart fan has created the “Nintendo Switch Arcade”

A person that goes by the name “snk50” on Reddit has created the ultimate setup to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, by hooking up a Nintendo Switch to an arcade machine, they can get the full car racing experience. Not much more information was shared, but snk50 claims that the machine is actually functional with the pedals and flaps behind the wheel to use the items and drift in the game. The wheel is connected to the Switch via a USB cable. More images below.

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The New GPi Case 2 Is Finally Here👍 An All-New Raspberry Pi CM4 GameBoy! Hands-On Review

We Finally Have a New Retroflag Handheld! In this video we take look at the all-new RetroFlag GPi Case 2, A GameBoy DMG Inspired Handheld emulation Console Powered by Raspberry Pi CM4! With an upgraded 3” 640×480 IPS Display and the option of an HDMI Dock this little retro handheld has turned out to be really awesome and it can play PSP, Dreamcast, PS1, and even N64 Games using RecalBox, RetroPie, or even Batocera.