Pwnagotchi – Pwn all the wifi

Pwnagotchi is a modern day take on the Tamagatchi of the 90s, but with a Cyber Security twist. This digital pet derives his happiness by sniffing WPA and WPA2 handshakes which can then be run through hashcat to guess the password. Two or more Pwnagotchis in range of each other will communicate and split the workload. The Pwnagotchi can also send its stats back to the internet to rank your Pwnagotchi against other Pwnagotchis from around the world.

Shooting Bullet Time Sequences with Raspberry Pi

Eric Paré is experimenting with Matrix-eseque effects using 15 Raspberry Pi Cameras and Xangle Camera Server software.

Bullet time photography allows a single instant in time to be captured by multiple cameras, enabling one to “spin” around the subject virtually after the fact. It’s perhaps most recognizable from The Matrix film, and more recently Eric Paré has been experimenting with the technique using an array of 15 Raspberry Pi Camera v2 modules and the Xangle Camera Server software package.

As seen in the video below, Paré is by no means a stranger to bullet time, having created some stunning effects with more expensive and physically larger digital cameras. The Pi Camera’s tiny size, however, allows 15 of them to be stuffed very closely together, for what is his best density ever on a multi-camera rig.

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Monitor CPU Usage with 12,288 Individually Addressable LEDs

Keeping track of how hot your CPU is running can be quite boring, as staring at a list of changing numbers gets old, quickly. That’s why Sebastian from the website There Ought to Be has created a cube with three faces that display CPU usage and temperature statistics. He was inspired to design this when he attended the 36th Chaos Communication Congress and saw the smaller cubes that people were building and using to show particles reacting to changes in the cube’s position. Rather than also making his cube battery powered, Sebastian wanted a stationary device that can plug into the wall, which allows for far more LEDs to be used.

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Raspberry Pi Zero W Powers Mario Kart Live Prototype

Nintendo’s new Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, a game where your home becomes the track thanks to augmented reality and a remote controlled kart, is almost ready for release. The team behind prototyping the unique kart have talked about prototyping the technology used, which anyone can buy, namely the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

As written by Nintendo Life, VELAN was tasked by Nintendo to develop a prototype of the kart used in the game, and they chose the Raspberry Pi Zero W as a testbed.  Looking closely at the image, we can see four key areas that identify the components used.

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DeskPi Pro Set-Top Box For RaspberryPi 4 – SSD Support, Full Size HDMI, Ice Tower Cooler

In this video, we take a look at the all-new DeskPi Pro case / Set-Top Box For Raspberry Pi 4! This new case supports a 2.5 SSD and it includes the all-new Low Profile Ice tower cooler. This is turning out to be an amazing case for the Pi4 and in my option its one of the best cases on the market right now if you want to turn your raspberry pi 4 into a desktop / Set-Top Box!