PinkyPi X – Waveshare GamePi15 RetroPie image

PinkyPi X – RetroPie 4.5.1 prebuilt image for the Waveshare GamePi15 game hat. SNES and MAME configured and tested. Just flash your SD and play!

Version 1.1 of PinkyPi X is now available for download!
This build utilizes the GamePi15 game hat and bundles the fbcp-ili9341 display driver and other tweaks for the RaspberryPi Zero.

PinkyPi X (GamePi15) – Our Build log / forums
PinkyPi prebuilt image, based off RetroPie 4.5.1
This is for the GamePi15 based PinkyPi build.
Using fbcp-ili9341 display driver.
Using RetroGame GPIO controller driver.
Using PiSNES as default SNES emulator.
version 1.1 (updates 8/31/19)
Using mame4all as default MAME emulator

To recompile the display driver and disable screen sleep/backlight turning off on idle

cd ~/fbcp-ili9341/build
rm CMakeCache.txt
make -j

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Waveshare GamePi15 Homepage

6 thoughts on “PinkyPi X – Waveshare GamePi15 RetroPie image”

  1. I have tried this image at least 10 times and I cannot get it to work. Used 2 different pi hats, Tried several sd cards / swapped the pi zeros – tested on a working monitor (some images work off of a monitor but not the pinky one) and still just blank screen – I’m at a loss, can somebody assist?

  2. I think I might know the issue but need confirmation – do you HAVE to solder the hat to pi? Someone told me you don’t and some say you do. Mine is not soldered.


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