Chrome OS Flex: Google’s New PC OS

Chrome OS Flex is a new version of Chrome OS, the cloud operating system used on Google chromebooks. As this video demonstrates, it can be installed on almost any PC, allowing — for example — new life to be brought to an old laptop.

You can create a bootable USB drive of Chrome OS Flex using the Chromebook Recovery Utility available here:…

The End of the Full Bridge Rectifier? (Sorry ElectroBOOM)

In this video we will be having a closer look at active rectifiers. For decades we have been using full bridge rectifiers to convert our mains AC voltage into a DC voltage that we can then step down to power all of our electronics devices. But the problem is that a full bridge rectifier consists of 4 diodes that come with a noticeable voltage drop and thus power losses. Because of that an active rectifier uses MOSFETs instead of diodes in order to decrease power losses. Does that makes sense? Let’s find out!

THE A500 Mini Pandory Mod Hack is AWESOME! [Guide & Overview] *RetroArch, New Emulators, Fixes*

Make your Amiga 500 Mini infinitely better with the A500mini Pandory mod!
Download, then pop it on a usb stick. Easy!

Note: This is a softmod. It does not change anything on the THEA500MINI. To remove it, delete the folder or just don’t use the USB stick.

Release Page:…
Barry Leitch’s Bandcamp:

Tesla has to patch 130K cars because their Ryzen APUs are overheating

An overheating CPU can cause the touchscreen to lag and even shut down during driving.

Electric car maker Tesla issued a soft recall for almost 130,000 of its cars because of an overheating issue with its onboard CPU, according to a report by electrek. The overheating can cause the infotainment touchscreen to malfunction. Thankfully this type of recall doesn’t require people to return their car to the dealership, and a fix will be made available via over-the-air software update. 

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I’m changing from Thingiverse to Printables and maybe you should too

I’ve been on Thingiverse for about ten years, and it has served me well. More recently however, there have been a series of problems and other, more developed options have become available. In this video, I explain why I’ve switched my online designs to Printables by Prusa and take you through its advantages and how to use it. This includes easily migrating all of your Things from Thingiverse.