Incredible video: ‘Replicator’ tech to revolutionize 3D-printers

Scientists have developed the next generation in 3D-printing technology, dubbed “the replicator.” It shines rays of light onto a yellow resin and molds it into a smooth object based on the program. The technology promises to revolutionize the medical field, space exploration and more. It’s also more environmentally friendly than other kinds of 3D-printing. Natasha Sweatte reports for News.Views.Hughes.

KIST Engineers Design New Glove Allows Users to ‘Feel’ Objects in VR

Engineers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) have developed a new type of VR glove that enables users to ‘feel’ objects in the virtual world through tactile feedback. Most all VR gloves on the market let people touch VR objects via vibrations or haptic feedback, and while they are better than nothing, they kind of limit the experience, like using a PS4 controller over time and having that feeling fade after prolonged use.

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Revealing the Hidden Beauty of Common Components

As we’ve remarked in these pages before, oftentimes some of the best engineering around is invisible, hidden inside black boxes of one sort or the other. If the black box is sufficiently important in some way, professional forensic and reverse engineers can be employed to crack it open and reveal its secrets. But what about more humble items, such as the apparently unremarkable components that make up everyday electronics? Who cares enough to take the trouble to look inside them?

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ThinkTiny Is a Micro ThinkPad-Inspired Notebook

In the world of notebook computers, one of the most iconic designs is the ThinkPad by IBM/Lenovo. These ‘ThinkTanks’ have a reputation for being reliable, but they tend to prioritize usability over being extremely small. Not so with the ‘ThinkTiny’ by Paul Klinger. His device can sit comfortably between the fingerprint ID and the ThinkPad logo on the real thing’s keyboard panel.

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