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Hello guys i have prepare this short DIY video on Solar Tracker which is very useful of solar panels / solar cooker and solar umbrella to adjust its self towards sun sunlight this system works with the help of 4 Light Dependent Resistor Each on four corners . So when ever the light gets blocked on corner the the servo rotates towards the light so the LDRs will be Parallel to source of Light You can follow this video and prepare this project for your schools Science projects and after a simple modification you can connect it to internet device and measure luminous intensity of light and monitor the battery charge and output voltage of your panel and you can use it as advance project.

DIY Smart Lock with Arduino and RFID

You walk up to an invisible lock that only you have the key for, and open it without even touching it. Sounds cool? Today we are going to build a simple RFID-based smart lock using an Arduino as the backbone and a few cheap components.

The technology behind this project is already used in many industries. Anyone who has worked in a modern office or used public transport will probably have used it every day. RFID (radio-frequency identification) identifies data stored on a chip in a card or dongle, and compares them to a list of tags that have already been scanned.

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