James Bruton built a robot that moves like an earthworm

Self-propelling robots come in a whole host of shapes, sizes, and capabilities, with some being able to fly while other can walk on just a couple or many legs. But YouTuber James Bruton wanted to innovate on this concept even further by designing and building a robot that mimics an earthworm through extending and contracting segments at certain times to slowly inch along the ground. This class of motion is called peristalsis, and it works by constricting a ring of muscles to propagate material, such as in the case of the digestive tract, or to move an entire body. 

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Learn how to build your own massive 3D-printed CNC router

3D printers are very popular in the maker community and CNC machines complement them well. While 3D printers fabricate parts by adding material over time, CNC mills and routers fabricate parts by subtracting material. That is preferable when working with large parts or when you require a lot of precision. If you want an affordable option, this guide will show how to build Ivan Miranda’s 3D-printed CNC machine design.

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Mapping Dance syncs movement and stage lighting using tinyML

Being able to add dynamic lighting and images that can synchronize with a dancer is important to many performances, which rely on both and music and visual effects to create the show. Eduardo Padrón aimed to do exactly that by monitoring a performer’s moves with an accelerometer and triggering the appropriate AV experience based on the recognized movement. 

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Clever #Halloween Hack Uses Sound Waves to Simulate a Spooky Doodling Ghost

There’s really no wrong way to decorate for Halloween. It’s the effort that counts, even if all you do is toss some pumpkins on the porch, or set up an inflatable witch on the lawn. But there are those that go above and beyond the call of duty, like Dan Beaven, who leverages some cutting-edge levitation tech to make it look like ghosts are actually real.

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DIY WS2812 Analog style Arduino Ring Clock

This time I will show you how to build a nice-looking ring clock. The clock uses a WS2812 ring containing 60 Leds,(4 Quarter circle neopixels x 15 Leds) and it is ideal for this purpose. This is a analog style digital clock with multiple display states, a 24-hour alarm, a count down alarm, multiple alarm display states and a demo mode. Hours, minutes and seconds are represented by a different color of the corresponding LED.

Build your own Arduino Compatible Board

Do you dominate the Arduino technology? If you do not dominate it is probably because it is dominating you.

Knowing Arduino is the first step for you to create various types of technologies, so the first step is for you to master the full operation of an Arduino board.

In this Instructables you will learn step by step to master the complete circuitry of an Arduino compatible board.

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