Why is the Sony PlayStation PS3 so hard to emulate ? | MVG

The recent announcement from Sony that the PS5 wont be backward compatible with PS3 games confused many people. Surely the Zen2 architecture is powerful enough to emulate a PS3 when a mid spec PC has been doing it for years. In this episode we take a look at the complexities of emulating a PlayStation 3 and why its unlikely Sony will consider it for the PlayStation 5

The Legend of Zelda unofficial remaster released for NES Emulator, Mesen

Now here is something that completely passed under my radar. Earlier this week, a team of modders released an HD overhaul mod for the NES version of The Legend of Zelda. This overhaul mod uses Zelda 1 Redux as a base, and allows PC gamers to experience a faithful remaster of this Zelda game on the PC via the NES emulator, Mesen.

Going into more details, this Mesen HD Pack increases the internal resolution, improves textures and audio, and brings new animated environments. Additionally, it increases frame count for running, introduces breakable tile hints, and faster text printing. Not only that, but this mod also comes with some gameplay tweaks. For instance, it increases the bomb upgrade amount, and allows for faster health refills.

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Commodore 64 Mini Man Makes Matching Mini Monitor

While putting together a retro computer is a great project and can teach a lot about the inner workings of electronics, hooking that 70s- or 80s-era machine up to a modern 144 Hz 1440p display tends to be a little bit anticlimactic. To really recreate the true 8-bit experience it’s important to get a CRT display of some sort, but those are in short supply now as most are in a landfill somewhere now. [Tony] decided to create a hybrid solution of sorts by 3D printing his own Commodore replica monitor for that true nostalgia feel.

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RGB10 Retro Handheld Console Review – The Best RK3326 Console So Far!

In this video we take a look at and test out the all-new PowKiddy RGB10 Retro emulation Handheld console. Powered by the RK3326 and backed by 1Gb of ram this is nod ought a clone of the ODROID Go Advance but it defiantly feels like a more refined console. We test out some SNES,NEOGEO,CPS3,Sega GBA,N64,Dreamcast and PSP. So should you skip this one or buy it? Let’s find out.`