THE A500 Mini Pandory Mod Hack is AWESOME! [Guide & Overview] *RetroArch, New Emulators, Fixes*

Make your Amiga 500 Mini infinitely better with the A500mini Pandory mod!
Download, then pop it on a usb stick. Easy!

Note: This is a softmod. It does not change anything on the THEA500MINI. To remove it, delete the folder or just don’t use the USB stick.

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Barry Leitch’s Bandcamp:

Pi64 – The Pi64 is a Raspberry Pi 400 that thinks it’s a Commodore 64.

love the retro vibes that the Raspberry Pi 400 gives off. The all-in-one computer-in-a-keyboard design makes me feel like I’m working with a computer from my childhood. The only problem I have is that when I look up from the keyboard, it’s just another modern(-ish) computer running Linux. I set out to fix that with the Pi64.

Inspired by the Commodore 64, the Pi64 boots into a C64-themed bash shell in text mode. No X Server is involved. It is not a C64 emulator, it is Raspberry Pi OS, so you can get real work done; it just extends the Pi 400’s retro feel to the screen.

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Now You Can Turn the Commodore 64 Into a Delightfully Chunky Game Boy

For many of us, the Atari or the NES wasn’t our first gaming console. Instead, it was the Commodore 64, which was marketed as an incredibly affordable home computer, but was also a solid gaming machine. It was very much worthy of a second life as a Game Boy-sized portable, which anyone can now hack together with the right parts and skills.

For around $36, a website called UNI64 will sell you a kit containing custom designed PCBs that, with some technical know-how, can be turned into the Handheld 64: a portable version of the classic ‘80s computer, complete with a tiny QWERTY keyboard so you can even write your own BASIC programs on the go. Just keep in mind that the $36 kit is just the starting point to creating a portable C64.

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New RK3566 Android Tv Box with 8GB of Ram! The New SOC We Needed?

We finally have a new arm CPU for these Android Tv boxes and Single-board computers but is it any good?
In this video, we take a look at the X88 pro 20 Android Tv box powered by the all-new RK3566 SOC and 8GB of ram! The Rk3566has 4 cores running at 1.8GHz and backed by the Mali G52 2EE GPU capable of 4k 60FPS and 8K 24FPS video playback is this the new CPU we need? let’s find out.

We run some benchmarks test out some native android games and finally see how well the RK3566 handles some of our favorite emulators like PPSSPP for PSP, Redream, and Flycast for Dreamcast.

GameCube Sleeper Gaming / Emulation PC Build!

I Turned a GameCube into an awesome small form factor Sleeper gaming PC and it was way easier than I thought it would be! This thing turned out great, Powered by an 11th gen i5 Tiger Lake 1135G7 backed by 16Gb of DDR4 ram and built-in Intel Iris Xe graphics plus we have the option to add an external Video Card “eGPU” because this Gamecube now have Thunderbolt! It’s Perfect for Emulation and can handle Dreamcast, Gamecube, and Wii using the Dolphin emulator up to 4K, PS3 using RPCS3, and even CEMU for Wii U

In Car Emulation Test Using The CarDongle! Android PC for Your Car

In this video, we test out some emulators running on the new CarDongle! The CarDongle Is An Android PC For Your Car and with this, you can easily add a full android OS to your vehicle with access to Google Play, Netflix, youtube, Android Auto, Android Games, and Emulators Like RetroArch, PPSSPP! We test out some NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, Dreamcast, and PSP. So can this thing run emulators on our car’s built-in screen? Let’s find out

Luke Wren’s PicoStation 3D Games Console Gives the RP2040 FPGA 3D Powers — or Vice Versa

As-yet untested in hardware, the PicoStation 3D is a highly flexible pairing of an RP2040 microcontroller and iCE40 FPGA.

Engineer Luke Wren has released the design files for a Raspberry Pi RP2040-powered games console dubbed the PicoStation 3D — with a Lattice Semiconductor iCE40 UP5k FPGA as a coprocessor for 3D graphics.

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