Oculus Quest 2 Users are Getting BANNED and Headsets Bricked

Hello and Welcome to TUESDAY NEWSDAY! Your number one resource for the entire weeks worth of VR news. Today I have have something kind of serious to talk about, all of these happenings with Oculus users getting their accounts banned recently even if they have a legit account through Facebook. I am not sure how widespread the issue is, or if it’s effecting dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of users, but the mass reports are available all over the internet to see. Here’s at least some advice on how to NOT get banned.

THROUGH THE LENSES – Quest 2 vs Quest 1

Here we are with the most awaited Comparison! Welcome to another Through the Lenses Video! This time it took really ages to make it right, because I really wanted to show the generational jump between the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Quest 2! Well, let’s see it together in this video comparison now! And then let’s go in depth about it! Quest vs Quest 2!

Oculus Quest 2 Review

We’ve been testing the new Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset for about two weeks, and dive deep into its differences from the first Quest, Rift S, and other VR headsets. Here’s how it plays existing Quest games with its new processor and display, how it feels with the new Elite headstrap accessory, and what Quest 2 means for the Oculus mobile and PC VR ecosystems.