Microsoft Wants To Use The Metaverse To Build ‘Full 3D Worlds’ Of Xbox Games

Alright, stick with us here. If you’ve never heard of the ‘metaverse’, it’s what Meta (formerly Facebook) is calling “the next evolution of social connection.” According to Mark Zuckerberg and his team, “3D spaces in the metaverse will let you socialize, learn, collaborate and play in ways that go beyond what we can imagine.” It’s unknown how its ultimately going to turn out, but comparisons are being made to the likes of Second Life and Ready Player One.

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The BEST VR Headset in the WORLD – I CAN’T GO BACK!

This is the Varjo XR3, legit the best VR and XR headset I have ever used. Some of my experiences in this video could be categorized as a life changing experience, especially in the Virtual World. This was one of the coolest devices I have ever used. I want to thank Foxguard solutions for letting me borrow this headset for a while to make a video. They are a reseller of Varjo products.

If you are interested, here’s a link:

It’s FINALLY HERE! VR Omni-Directional Treadmill… and it’s INSANE!

Hello! Today I have my early review of the KatWalk C, the first and only CONSUMER level and priced VR omni-directional treadmill.. well actually its much more like a “slidemill”. It took a bit of getting used to but using this slidemill has completely changed the way I look at VR, VR gaming, and VR social cases. It really is probably my favorite peripheral hardware I have ever used (besides maybe full body trackers I suppose). So far I’ve been loving it and I hope you enjoy my review! Of course there are negatives which I talk about, especially the price at $1400, but still.. it’s a ton of fun.

View Yourself as Others See You with the Third Person Camera System

This camera system lets users see themselves from a different perspective ad they walk around.

A previous attempt

Nearly every human experiences the world with a pair of eyes that are only in one position for their entire lives. TurkeyDev wanted to change this by creating a VR device that allows people to see themselves in the world from a different perspective. In his first attempt at creating this system, TurkeyDev began by taking a DIY Google Carboard VR headset and pairing it with a Raspberry Pi camera, but in doing so ran into several issues. The main problems with this initial setup was the lack of a good, solid headset and too much latency which could cause motion sickness.

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Researchers Develop Foldable Haptic Actuator for Mixed Reality Applications

Touch&Fold is worn on a user’s fingernail and renders touch in MR without preventing them from also touching real objects.

Researchers from the University of Chicago have developed a foldable haptic feedback device that allows users to touch objects in mixed reality environments, then gets folded back onto the user’s nail when touching objects in the real world. Known as Touch&Fold, the end-effector also features a linear resonant actuator that lets the unit touch virtual objects and their textures. Sure, many haptic devices on the market enable users to interact with objects in the virtual world, such as controllers and gloves, but none provides the ability to interact with objects in both worlds and “feel” them at the same time.

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This haptic device lets you feel the hair of virtual reality animals

When it comes to virtual reality, the challenge isn’t displaying convincing visuals — VR headset manufacturers have already figured that out. The real challenge is how to tickle our other senses, like smell, taste, and especially touch. To give people the ability to feel the fur of animals in VR, engineers have built this strange haptic device, called HairTouch, equipped with adjustable hair.

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David Huang’s Ultra-Low-Cost Wearable Tension Sensor Is Built From String and Pencil Graphite

Just rub some string against a pencil lead and you too can have your own low-cost, wearable tension sensor.

Maker David Huang has shared a trick for creating a surprisingly capable tension sensor at practically zero cost — by rubbing some string over a pencil.

“Our goal is use the cheapest and the easiest way to make your own sensor for your project,” Huang explains by way of introduction. “The sensor we are making today is a tension sensor. A tension sensor will react to a pulling motion. The most common material we use for the tension sensor is conductive rubber, or weaved conductive rubber wire – but the problem is the conductive rubbers are very expensive, and they are also hard to get.”

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LucidVR Budget Haptic Glove

A functional glove that lets you use (and eventually feel) your hands in VR.

This is a project to try to make VR Haptic Glove technology more available for the public. Currently, most VR Haptic Glove products out there are extremely expensive and are targeted for commercial use. In starting this project, I wanted to create a budget, but still well-functioning VR Haptic Glove that’s cheap and easy for people to get their hands on (or in, lol).

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