LensLok – Early 80’s Anti-Piracy that frustrated | MVG

In 1985, in an effort to combat software piracy. ASAP Developments invented the LensLok – a plastic lens in a foldaway frame.The LensLok device was essentially a row of prisms arranged vertically in a plastic holder. In this video we take a closer look at the LensLok to understand how it works, and why it ultimately failed as an anti-piracy device.

Back to the BBS – The return to being online (Part One)

Bulletin Board Systems (BBS’s) were what people went online with before the web. This multi-part documentary shows you what BBS’s do, why they are still relevant and fun to use today. The documentary interviews some users and system operators, both young and old.
Crazy as it may sound, BBS’s are actually still around today and can be accessed via the net. BBS’s offer information and provide mail systems that are away from the prying eyes of Facebook and Google. They’re a very sociable place to be, with messaging & chat.
They have art unlike any you’ve ever seen and some really cool games and mods. Think of the best bits of E-mail, usenet, Reddit, Facebook Groups, filesharing and a few more besides. Package it all in one area, with a really cool retro aesthetic and you have a BBS.
People run BBS’s today because they are passionate about engaging in a community of people with similar ideals, something they won’t get anywhere else.

New Off-Grid Solar Inverter Design Reaches 99.5% Peak Efficiency

Solar panels, while they can last for decades, can suffer from loss of efficiency when routed into your home. Instructables user MPaulHolmes has a fairly uncomplicated solution for off-grid solar systems to eliminate pulse width modulation, have bare minimum switching of the transistor, and maintain small total harmonic distortion.

The hardware requirements for this high-efficiency off-grid solar inverter are fairly simple — you will need to build a circuit that can independently control three separate H-bridges. The bill of materials for the prototype, as well as the software and schematic, are freely available should you contact the designer via email, or you can wait to purchase a newer version of the PCB that will soon be made public.

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Invisible Network Device Reveals Machines’ Social Network

This portable device makes the invisible and autonomous communications of machines perceptible and tangible.

To get a better understanding of the ecosystem of networks, Wi-Fi in particular, ECAL (Ecole cantonale d’art Lausanne) University of Art and Design student Evan Kelly developed a portable device that visualizes a machines’ social network of sorts.

“Invisible Network is a portable device that makes the invisible and autonomous communications of machines perceptible and tangible. The way they interact with each other is akin to human communication modes, thus creating an entire social network of machines,” Kelly describes. “This device mediates between users and the machines around them. Via the screen, it transmits fragments of its continuous and silent communications in the form of human social metaphors.”

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How to make Mini Radar | Arduino based

Hello friends in this video I have made a Mini compact Radar with display, for that I have used HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, this sensor emit ultrasonic sound which came back to sensor after reflecting from an object, all the data visualization is displayed on 1.8″ ST7735 display, if any object detect by radar it’ll show in display in red line.

The World’s Smallest Portable Nintendo 64 Is Barely Larger Than a Cartridge

There’s a niche arms race among hardware hackers to create ultra compact versions of video game consoles, and YouTube’s GmanModz appears to have successfully miniaturized an entire Nintendo 64 into a portable that’s not much bigger than an N64 game cart—making it possibly the world’s smallest to date.

The last time we featured one of GmanModz creations they had turned an N64 into a super-sized GBA SP complete with a folding screen, but as impressive as it was, the hacked console was still a bit on the chunky side as far as portable gaming systems go. Trying to squeeze it into a pocket would have been an uncomfortable endeavor.

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