O.G. Game Boy Games Are Still Being Made (And Look Amazing)

Surprisingly, people are still making new games for the original Game Boy family of consoles, even though we live in the year 2021, where your watch and most of the appliances in your kitchen have better graphics. Even more surprisingly, some of these new games look awesome. The world of homebrew Game Boy games is bafflingly vast and sometimes just baffling, but it’s also home to legitimately talented developers who have decided to pour their sweat and tears into making games for grey bricks. Here are a few recent examples that caught our attention: 

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Adding Wireless Charging to the Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch is a monstrously popular machine, and it’s had no difficulty raking in the bucks for the Japanese gaming giant, but there’s no denying that it’s technologically a bit behind the curve. Until the long-rumored “Pro” version of the Switch materializes, industrious gamers like [Robotanv] will simply have to make up for Nintendo’s Luddite ways by hacking in their own upgraded hardware.

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FPGA Boards Add VGA and HDMI Interfaces to the Original Game Boy

The classic Game Boy remains a firm favorite in the realm of retrocomputing. Revolutionary as it was at the time, by today’s standards its display is rather primitive, with no backlight and a usable area measuring only 47 mm x 44 mm. [Martoni] figured out a way to solve this, by developing GbVGA and GbHdmi, two projects that enable the Game Boy to connect to an external monitor. This way, you can play Super Mario Land without straining your eyes, and we can also image potential uses for those who stream their gameplay online.

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7 reasons why the GameCube was (and still is) one of the best systems for the Zelda series

Every generation of Nintendo game consoles has been home to at least one form of advancement for the Zelda series. Those average of five or six years at a time produce memorable content that the fans love and continue to love. But some generations have meant more for Zelda than others. The era of the GameCube was one of the greatest the fans have ever seen.

While the GameCube was not as commercially successful as most of Nintendo’s other consoles, it did bring massive increases to the adventures in Hyrule. These unforgettable additions to the franchise remain hard to match, let alone surpass.

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Google Maps Finally Lands on the Nintendo Entertainment System — Nine Years After April Fools

Powered by a Raspberry Pi-based “PiPU,” this souped-up cartridge brings Google Maps to the NES — nearly a decade after Google’s gag.

Pseudonymous maker “ciciplusplus” has ported Google’s popular Maps application to an unusual target device: the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) eight-bit games console.

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A Minecraft player is building the entire Zelda: Breath of the Wild map

Minecraft and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are two great tastes, but do they taste great together? One Minecraft player is making an argument for ‘yes’ with a massive project to rebuild the entire map from Nintendo’s modern classic as a playable Minecraft survival map. It’s still in progress, but the results are already impressive.

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RaspberryPi Mod Recreates Authentic Game Boy Feel

DMGPlus, another Game Boy replicator. A wondrous labor of love!

Taking a Raspberry Pi and sticking it in the housing of a Game Boy isn’t a new project, though most of these retrofits were undoubtedly more modern than the original handheld console. They usually had more buttons, backlit color TFTs, and ran off modern Li-ion batteries. A project on Spritesmods named the DMGPlus is interested in utilizing the Pi in a stealthier way; instead of using it to update the older console, the DMGPlus is recreating how playing one of the first handheld game consoles used to feel.

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How Nintendo Failed Into Super Mario Kart | The Story Behind The Super Nintendo Classic

Super Mario Kart went on to become a 16-bit classic and one of the best selling Super Nintendo games of all time. But Super Mario Kart’s origins didn’t even start as a Mario game. From an unsucessful two player F-Zero game to one of Nintendo’s longest running franchises, this is the story of how Nintendo failed into Super Mario Kart.