Super Mario Bros Has 256 Worlds, Not 8. Here’s How To Play The Other 248

You may have heard of the infamous Minus World in Super Mario Bros, the glitched ninth world that can only be accessed by clipping into the 1-2 warp zone early. Well, what if I told you there were actually 247 more glitched worlds in the game? Pretty cool, right? But I’ll warn you. The way to reach them is even more ridiculous than the Minus World.

Yes, that’s Mario swimming through the sky and a flying headless Bowser. Levels like this are what you can come to expect from this glitch. You’ll notice that it doesn’t say “World 68-3”, but instead “World Blue Dotted Square-3″. This is because that dotted square is the 68th texture in the game, and that text box is simply programmed to display the texture corresponding to the world number. So how do you perform this glitch?

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Zelda The Missing Link is a Long-Awaited New Zelda Game Created in the N64 Ocarina of Time Engine

Zelda fans will be happy to learn that romhack-legend Kaza Emanuar has finally released his long-awaited new Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link.

Created in the Nintendo 64 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time engine, The Missing Link is a short Zelda game set between the events of Ocarina of Time and its sequel, Majora’s Mask.

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How L is Real 2401 Ended Up Being True After 24 Years and 1 Month (Super Mario 64 Beta Leak – Luigi)

Super Mario 64 was part of the recent major Nintendo beta leak and honestly… I’m baffled. After 24 years we finally have a concrete, tangible close to the mystery. Luigi has been found in the beta files of a Mario 64 iQue asset pool… Never would I have ever imagined L is Real would truly be finished, but in the midst of the Super Mario 64 personalized craze, we finally have our answer… Not quite the creepypasta 1995 build we were looking for, but one with amazing things hidden within!

X Rocker Announced Launch of Officially-Licensed Nintendo Gaming Chairs

Global market leaders in gaming chairs, announced today a brand new agreement with Nintendo of Europe, to design, manufacture and sell licenced Super Mario branded gaming chairs.

Launching in the UK and EU from 1st August 2020, X Rocker, in conjunction with key retail partners and distributors including Argos and Smyths Toys, offer for the first time an exciting and colourful selection of your favourite Super Mario characters, brought to life as gaming and audio X Rocker chairs.

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Arduino DUE NES Emulator!

An Overclocked Arduino DUE is quite able to emulate NES games, the emulator is based on Nofrendo Remix, contains memory hacks, because Arduino DUE has a hardware limit of 96 KB RAM. Nothing is guaranteed. NES ROM size limit is ~ 49168 bytes (It is able to run Super Mario Bros.) Used Libraries: marekburiak-ILI9341_due, greiman-SdFat, SchedulerARMAVR…

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