Super Mario Odyssey demake shows what it would look like as a 2D NES game

Super Mario Odyssey has been reimagined as an NES game to see what it would have looked like 30 years ago. And the best part? It’s free to download right now.

TeddyRoseKidd, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber has uploaded a video to his channel where he showcases exactly how he reimagined Super Mario Odyssey as a 2D NES game.

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Metroid Prime’s 2D fan remake is now playable

Retro Studios’ GameCube classic,Metroid Prime, is getting a fan-made 2D remake called Prime 2D. The effort, which has been going since 2004 and called Prime 2D, is being led by a group called Team SCU. While screenshots of the game went up as part of an April Fools’ Day joke, the demo is in fact real, according a forum post by the creators.

The remake is the result of many years of love. In 2017, the team behind Metroid Prime 2D shared, “While public progress has appeared stagnant for the last 5 years, there has actually been a tremendous amount of foundational work being done in private.” Now, those following finally get to see just what the team has been up to.

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This Gameboy Can Play N64, Sega Saturn, PSP and much More! The CM4 Boy

In this video we take a look at and test out the all new LCL CM4 Boy The CM4 Boy is an awesome Raspberry pi compute Modula 4 powered DMG Gameboy with and analog stick and enough power to run N64,PSP,Dreamcast and Sega Saturn and cabinet of running RetroPie,Recalbox or bat overs plus we have the option of using the built in HDMI port so we can connect this to much larger screen!

Meet The World’s Smallest Portable N64

We’re all about a portable N64, but having one that fits in your hands and plays original cartridges is something we only thought the Nintendo gods could create.
But no, the modding maniac known as GmanModz is back at it again with the world’s smallest portable N64. He previously built the Nintendo 64 handheld that looked like a Gameboy Advance SP.
Somehow he has managed to modify a N64 console to fit in a tiny shell with the ability to play your best N64 games on the cartridges you still have hiding in your garage.

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Gameboy Glasses Exist And They’re For Video Gamers With Eye Strain

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Nintendo released Gameboy Glasses for retro gamers? No, me neither, but the geeks over at Mutrics, have invented just that and we love it.

No they can’t play your best Gameboy Color games, but they can reduce eye strain, and connect to your smartphone to play audio through the built-in speakers at the back.

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