Mike Tyson Wants To Make A New Punch-Out Game With Nintendo

With Wii Sports Boxing and Arms proving to be so popular over the years, there’s no wonder that Mike Tyson has spoken publically about making a new Punch-Out game for the Nintendo Switch.

That’s right, folks; it looks like the original NES classic is returning after 33 years! Now that’s a boxing comeback that will definitely make headlines!

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Zelda Ocarina Of Time Switch HD Remake Rumored For 2021

Rumours of a Zelda Ocarina Of Time Switch game have the Retro Dodo team celebrating Christmas all over again.

Many Nintendo fans around the world are waiting patiently for a new Zelda game to drop, though there is a lot of speculation as to what that game could actually be.

After the mammoth success of Breath of the Wild, Nintendo will undoubtedly be working hard to get the new release ready for the Nintendo Switch Pro. Still, with the Legend of Zelda series approaching an important milestone, the chances of seeing Link in a classic remake on the Switch are increasing by the minute.

The Legend of Zelda celebrates its 35th Anniversary in 2021. Our readers know how big Nintendo went on Marketing Mario’s 35th Anniversary; from Super Mario Shoes to Legeo Super Mario sets, Mazza partied hard.

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The World’s Smallest Portable Nintendo 64 Is Barely Larger Than a Cartridge

There’s a niche arms race among hardware hackers to create ultra compact versions of video game consoles, and YouTube’s GmanModz appears to have successfully miniaturized an entire Nintendo 64 into a portable that’s not much bigger than an N64 game cart—making it possibly the world’s smallest to date.

The last time we featured one of GmanModz creations they had turned an N64 into a super-sized GBA SP complete with a folding screen, but as impressive as it was, the hacked console was still a bit on the chunky side as far as portable gaming systems go. Trying to squeeze it into a pocket would have been an uncomfortable endeavor.

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A Lost Game Boy Add-On Called the WorkBoy Has Been Found After 28 Years

A lost, unreleased Game Boy add-on known as the WorkBoy has been discovered after 28 years and reveals an accessory that could have brought PDA-like functions like an address book, calculator, appointment book, and so much more to Nintendo’s beloved handheld device.Video game historian Liam Robertson shared his quest to find out what happened to this add-on in a new Game History Secrets video on DidYouKnowGaming? and, not only did he track down the original creators behind the WorkBoy to learn the story behind why it was never released, he was able to get one of the only prototypes in the world working.

As you can see in the image below, the WorkBoy was a keyboard that connected to the Game Boy via Link Cable and would allow you to take advantage of 12 apps, including an address/phone book and appointment book.

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Dallas House Transformed Into Nintendo, Super Mario Bros. 3 Game for the Holidays

There is a jaw-dropping holiday display on Belmont Avenue in Dallas that is serving as a bit of a time machine for many.

“The response has been exactly what we wanted. People honking their horns, hanging out the window waving at us,” Katie Milam said. “We wanted to spread cheer and silliness and playfulness.”

Katie and her husband Mike transformed their house into a giant Nintendo gaming system – complete with a Super Mario Brothers game playing on a makeshift television screen.

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SNES Rainbow Road – Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit (Switch)

I’m back at it again and this time I decided to make Rainbow Road on the SNES in real life for my next Mario Kart Home Circuit track. I hope you enjoy the time, money, and effort I put into this course. I even made the track have a chasing rainbow led pattern and two mechanized Thwomps on the course’s split. I will be posting a making of video for this course and I will pin the link in the comments.