Nintendo Switch Is Getting A Piano App Later This Week

If building the Nintendo Labo piano seems like it’d be too much hassle, this new piece of software heading to Switch later this week might well come in as a handy alternative.

Simply called Piano, this new app lets you transform your Switch into a mini piano wherever you go. It comes with a free play mode, where you can tinkle the ivories to your heart’s content, and also includes nine tutorials of “classic” songs if you happen to be a beginner.

We don’t have any footage to share with you sadly, but judging by these screenshots provided by Nintendo, Piano may well be best suited for young, aspiring pianists rather than already-accomplished musicians.

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Super Mario All-Stars 2 is new 3D Super Mario remaster collection for Nintendo Switch claim rumors

After months of waiting it’s not Nintendo that has broken the silence about what they’re up to, but a series of leaks, which seem to confirm the company is planning a new remaster compilation. News began leaking out yesterday, from multiple sources, that Nintendo is planning to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. with remasters or remakes of a number of older 3D games, with Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy (presumably both of them) being mentioned by name.

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This Is Not A Drill! Universal Studios Hollywood Is Getting A Super Nintendo World

Just when we thought our theme parks couldn’t get any better, we’ve caught wind that a Super Nintendo World is planning to set up camp inside of our very own Universal Studios Hollywood! Soon, gamers of all ages and expertise will get to experience an immersive world created around what may arguably be the most recognized video games in the world.

As of right now, all the buzz is centered around Universal Studios Japan and it’s Super Nintendo World opening ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics. Though there isn’t much information released about the new theme park, Newsweek reports that it will be filled with “incredibly fun rides, shops, a restaurant, and interactive gameplay throughout the land.” If your mind is as blown as ours, wait ’till you watch this video below of ride-testing of some sort in Japan!

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Fan releases Super Mario 64 port for PC, no emulator required

Players have been emulating and modding Super Mario 64 for years now. But a new port of the game has mysteriously popped up online: a fully functional, native 4K version of the game for PC, powered by DirectX 12.

A YouTube channel called Unreal (no relation to Epic Games’ property of the same name) posted a 12-minute gameplay video of the new port, which was spotted by VGC. It looks like the Super Mario 64 you remember, not the one that actually existed on your Nintendo 64. This version of the game is not emulated, and has built-in controller support, including the ability to use analog sticks to move the camera.

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