Mapping Dance syncs movement and stage lighting using tinyML

Being able to add dynamic lighting and images that can synchronize with a dancer is important to many performances, which rely on both and music and visual effects to create the show. Eduardo Padrón aimed to do exactly that by monitoring a performer’s moves with an accelerometer and triggering the appropriate AV experience based on the recognized movement. 

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The M5Stack Color Maker can Mix Paint to Match Your Subject

We’ve all learned in primary school art classes that blue and yellow make green, and that adding a little black to a color will make it darker. But what if you want to paint with a color that exactly matches something else? Usually, that requires a lot of trial and error (and paint), and the end result may not look the way you wanted after all.

To help aspiring artists, [Airpocket] made the M5Stack Color Maker. This is a device that reads out a color sensor and automatically mixes watercolor paint in the right proportions to match what it sensed. It dispenses drops of cyan, magenta, yellow and black paint (CMYK) into a small bowl, from which you can then apply it with a paintbrush.

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Adding Wireless Charging to the Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch is a monstrously popular machine, and it’s had no difficulty raking in the bucks for the Japanese gaming giant, but there’s no denying that it’s technologically a bit behind the curve. Until the long-rumored “Pro” version of the Switch materializes, industrious gamers like [Robotanv] will simply have to make up for Nintendo’s Luddite ways by hacking in their own upgraded hardware.

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Make Custom Maker Board Enclosures!

A simple open source utility that generates STL files based on given dimensions.

If you’ve ever built a project with a maker board you know the challenge of figuring out just how to keep it in place. I know I have! To solve the problem we’ve made lightweight command line tool that can generate an STL file for a board holder with any dimensions! The tool is open source and free to use, if there are any new feature you want to see you can leave a comment here, open an issue on GitHub, or fork the repo and open a PR!

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Next-gen battery electrolyte made from wood offers record conductivity

Today’s lithium batteries commonly use a liquid electrolyte to carry ions between the two electrodes, but scientists eyeing solid alternatives see some exciting opportunities ahead. Among them are the authors of a new study who have used cellulose derived from wood as the basis for one of these solid electrolytes, which is paper-thin and can bend and flex to absorb stress as the battery cycles.

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Clever #Halloween Hack Uses Sound Waves to Simulate a Spooky Doodling Ghost

There’s really no wrong way to decorate for Halloween. It’s the effort that counts, even if all you do is toss some pumpkins on the porch, or set up an inflatable witch on the lawn. But there are those that go above and beyond the call of duty, like Dan Beaven, who leverages some cutting-edge levitation tech to make it look like ghosts are actually real.

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