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3D Printing - Beginners Guides, Tips and Techniques!

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Below you will find several get sources for 3D Printing tip, techniques and various guides. Do you have a favorite? Add yours below.


3D Printing Hacks

A guide for beginners and general tips and tricks.


Using an XBOX Kinnect to scan 3D Models

Do you have a spare XBOX Kinnect sitting around? Want to use free software on your MAC or PC to make 3D scans and export them to STL files?


7 Free STL File editors

Want to modify your STL files? Check out these 7 free great options!


3D Printing from Sketchup

The tool I currently use to design my 3D files, Google Sketchup


Finishing your 3D prints

Smoothing, marbling and coloring... Multiple processes for finishing up your 3D prints


3D Printing Troubleshooting Guide: Pillowing

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Thankyou so much for such detailed information.