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CandiStick Mobile App - Release notes and updates.

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Current CandiStick device Firmware



                   Updated SSID routines to allow spaces in the SSID/WiFi name.



            Updates (No additions for the CandiStick, these are only updates to support the new SnoBall)
                    Added device string for SnoBall devices.
                    Updated WiFi LED animation for different LED counts, 30 for the SnoBall and 60 for the CandiStick.



CandiStick Mobile App - Release notes


Version 1.0.4 (depreciated)

            Known Bugs
                    The power icon for each device stays red, no matter if the device is online, offline, powered on or off.
                    iOS, the color wheel for each page and effect is too small.
                    iOS, device naming functionality does not currently work.

                    First release for iOS
                    Internal IP and Subnet detection now uses a native Cordova platform plugin


Version 1.0.5 (Live for Android)

            Known Bugs
                     iOS Device naming does not function as expected.

            Bug Fixes
                     Power icon now reports correctly. White for on, Black for off, Red for inaccessible
                     iOS color wheel sizes have been updated.
                     iOS disabling pinch to zoom and double tap to zoom.
                     iOS disabling any scrolling on each screen.

                     Custom palettes have been added (see below for details)

Custom Palettes:

            Custom palettes allow you to choose between 2 and 4 custom colors to build your own palette effects.
            There are 4 total palette effects;

            Linear - A smooth blend across all colors in the palette.
            Blend - More defined changes between initial colors, blending the last together.
            Motion - No blending color wipe with each color in the palette.
            Static - No motion, the device shows each color in the palette, with no motion or animation.


Version 1.0.6 (Live for iOS)

            iOS specific release, fixing device naming.


Version 1.1.0 (Beta / in development)

             Added custom fire colors, allowing between 2-4 custom colors to create the fire effect palette.




Coming soon!


Visible RGB color values on each color wheel screen.

Multicolor fades
           Fade or Pulse effect will allow 1-4 colors of your choice. Increasing the current options from one color to up to 4.

Device Grouping
            You can create a group of multiple devices and control them all at once.

Favorite Colors
            Certain menu / pages / effects will allow you to save and use custom favorite colors.

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