PinkyPi 1.3inch LCD Case


PinkyPi 3D Printed case.
For use with 1.3inch LCD.

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Don’t have a 3D Printer but looking to build your own PinkyPi Micro Gaming Handheld? Purchase a 3D Printed case direct from the source that created PinkyPi!

This is ONLY the case, electronics and buttons are not included.

This case is for the Waveshare 1.3 inch LCD and Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi Zero W, and is printed at a 0.2mm layer height.


3D Printed items are made to order, please allow extra time in the processing of your order due to this.


*This is only the 3D printed case. Buttons are NOT included, RaspberryPi, LCD and other electronics are NOT included.
Due to the nature of 3D printing, please be aware there may be slight imperfections in the case, parts and components. 
***Color availability is subject to change, you will be notified if availability has changed with your order.

PinkyPi NES Build


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Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White


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