The GameSir G6s Touchroller Review – iPhone Gamepad

This might be the best Touchtroller for Call of Duty mobile on iPhone but what is a Touchtroller? Half physical game controller half touch controls and it actually works really well.
I was very skeptical at first but after using them with my iPhone 11 Mac Pro I’m convinced that these are a viable option for gaming on IOS. In this video, I take a look at GameSir GS6 controller for iPhone “IOS” Its pretty much the same thing as the Games G6 but the G^S has dual vibration motors built-in.
With a single analog stick,10 customizable buttons and Bluetooth 5.0 this is a great option for gaming on an iPhone for games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, World of tanks Call Of Duty Mobile and many many more.

Programming the new ATtiny from Arduino using UPDI [Beginner Tutorial]

This tutorial shows how to make a cheap and simple UPDI Programmer and upload a sketch to the new ATtiny micro controller series. The programmer is made from an old Arduino Nano and requires only two additional passive components. The megaTinyCore library provides an Arduino core to start developing. A short blink sketch demonstration should provide a good start for every beginner in this matter.

Build a Tron Arcade Control Panel with GRS Controls + OpenCADE + Raspberry Pi or PC (3D Printed)

In this video, we will build a 3D Printed Tron Control Panel using the Glen’s Retro Show (GRS) Tron Joystick and Spinner. We’ll create a single box which can easily be plugged into an existing Raspberry Pi OR PC running MAME!
With OpenCADE and GRS products, you can build it how YOU want it.
Check out my other OpenCADE videos to get the most out of this solution.

Print Objects with Ceramic Clay with the Digitalceram 3D Printer

A new ceramic 3D printer has recently launched on Kickstarter with the introduction of the Digitalceram, which promises a “fast, accurate and easy-to-use ceramic 3D printer that brings your ceramic creativity to life.” On the tech specs side, the Digitalceram features a 350 x 350 x 500mm footprint, a build volume of 150 x 150 x 200mm, as well as a print speed of 10-120mm/s, an accuracy of 0.1mm, and accepts 0.6-3mm diameter print nozzles. It also hosts SD card and USB connectivity options.

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