How to Make an Interactive Coffee Table: Reactive LED Coffee Table | Arduino Projects

In this video we describe how to make an interactive coffee table using ws2812b leds and an Arduino. Not only does this coffee table have WS2812b leds and can display cool light animations, but it doubles as an interactive coffee table that lights up when things get up close to it. It functions by creating a cluster of nodes made up of 2 IR emitters, 2 photodiodes, and 4 ws2812b leds. Upon program startup, each node reads a base value of the ambient light. When an object gets close to the node, Infrared (IR) light is bounced off the object and into the photodiodes. This causes the diodes to change voltage and thus lets the arduino know if something is close. The IR emitters and photodiodes basically act like a proximity sensor and anytime something gets close to it, the sensor will go off. Please comment with any questions you have and like the video if you enjoyed it. If you want to see more content like this one, consider subscribing.

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