Turn A RaspberryPi 4 Into A PLEX Media Server

In this video, we show you how to turn a Raspberry Pi 4 into a PLEX Media Server for Streaming Videos, Movies, Music, and Photos from the Pi4 to any other device that supports PLEX like an Nvidia Shield Amazon Fire stick, Android TV android tablets or phones and even iPads and iPhones. This method is pretty simple and along with your Raspberry Pi PLEX media server, you also have access to a full desktop operating system Ubuntu 20.10 or higher.

PlayStation 5 Will Apparently Support Plex at Launch

Next-gen gaming is understandably the main selling point of the PlayStation 5, but that’s not all the new console will have to offer when it launches next month. Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will support multiple streaming apps at launch, and now one can add Plex to that list.

While the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video have been dominating the busy streaming market, Plex has managed to carve a niche for itself by offering more than just streaming. In addition to a wide selection of movies, TV shows, web shows, and live channels, the service doubles as a media hub, allowing users to organize their personal photos, music, and movies and access them from multiple devices.

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Plex & Locast: Recording Local TV Without the Antenna

I have been a long time Plex user for years. Alongside my extensive movie collection, I also like to keep up on the local news and occasionally watch some sports or TV special. Previously I had successfully used a TV tuner with Plex, but after moving to a new home that got terrible reception, I had to look for other solutions. Thankfully, here in the US, Locast allows you to get local OTA TV over the internet. Here’s how to get it into Plex.

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Announcing the launch of Prerolls.video, a place for the community to share pre-rolls!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce the launch of Plextras.com prerolls.video, a place to share pre-rolls with the Plex community. The website is launching with over 30 of my original pre-rolls and I have more on the way. All videos are free to download and I encourage others to share their pre-rolls as well. Any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll be glad to help.


Plex Movie Poster Display

Plex Movie Poster Display is a side project I started a few years ago. I always thought it would be cool to have a display outside my media room that would show the poster of the movie or TV show that was currently playing. I searched the internet and found similar projects, which were all windows programs.  There was just one problem… I wanted to run this project on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Linux. So, unsatisfied with the solutions I found online, I decided to build my own.

This script scrapes http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_PLEX_SERVER>:32400/status/sessions and displays the poster, current progress, and description of the currently playing movie or TV show on a screen. If the client is not playing any media the script shows random movie posters from the Plex Server.

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Plex Bringing Back Channels And Adding Whole New Dynamic

Plex could be becoming more like a Roku. The growing Plex Movies and TV Shows section now includes Crackle’s library. For years Plex had a listing of what it called channels, later renamed plugins. The entries were a way to access web-based content on-demand and ranged from Networks to apps and were not officially supported. As the platform got more mainstream, channels found their way off of Plex and were sort of replaced by the podcasts and web shows. But a major effort from Plex to develop ad-supported streaming on top of the other content has opened the door to channels once more.

In the past Plex had its own channel store of sorts. At the moment there is only one channel listed and it can be accessed via the movies and TV option in Plex. The default section includes all of the video selections available via Plex with Crackle listed in separate rows.

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How To listen to Audiobooks With Plex

Audiobooks on Plex remains one of the most requested but neglected additions for Plex. But, there is a workaround.

To get audiobooks added into your library, you will need a few things to get started and depending on your current audiobook library, a few tweaks to get it running flawlessly.

How To listen to Audiobooks With Plex A few things you need to get started:

  1. An audiobook in supported file format 
  2. An audiobook tagging app 
  3. Metadata scraper for artwork, author, and book info 
  4. An organized folder with all your audiobooks

Each number below will explain in detail the 4 requirements above.

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