1/87 Smart DIY micro RC car

I have converted the 1/87 scale BUSCH Smart Fortwo into the radio controlled model.
The steering is operated by 3.9mm diameter stepper motor and the drive by 4.1mm diameter DC motor.
Wireless communication is performed by two Bluetooth modules(RN4871U).
The RN4871U must be configured for communication before assembly.
The transmitter is built on the breadboard.
The microcontroller used is ATtiny3217 on the transmitter and ATtiny1616 on the receiver(the car side).

Complete beginner’s guide to 3D printing – Assembly, tour, slicing, levelling and first prints

If you’ve just got your first 3D printer, this video is for you. If someone you know is confused by why the STL on the card won’t print, or has no idea how to level the bed, please send them here. This guide takes you through step by step everything you need to get going and start printing. Please explore the rest of my channel for a lot of content on how to get the best out of your 3D printer.

M5Stack ATOM Display Lite adds HDMI output to ESP32 module

M5Stack ATOM Display Lite is a kit based on GOWIN Gowin GW1NR-9C FPGA and LT8618SX RGB to HDMI chip designed to add HDMI output up to 720p to the company’s ESP32-based M5Stack ATOM Lite module.
The ATOM Lite sees the ATOM Display Lite kit as an SPI display, but the solution outputs the data to an HDMI monitor or TV with up to 1280×720 resolution and can be used for information display, menu board, and more.

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You could fit the data from 25 million 1TB SSDs on this 5cm diamond wafer

Researchers in Japan say they’ve concocted a new method of creating wafers out of diamonds able to store mammoth amounts of data on them. We’re talking 25 exabytes of storage, which is a 25,000 petabytes. Or 25,000,000 terabytes. Or 25 billion gigabytes. It’s a dizzying amount of data, that’s for sure.

If you assume there’s roughly 50,000 games on Steam and each one is around 80GB, which to be completely honest is probably a gross exaggeration of the average game install size on the platform, you’d be looking at around four petabytes of data required to install the lot. So with a single diamond wafer you could save the entire Steam catalogue 6,250 times. 

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Scientists build circuit that generates clean, limitless power from graphene

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – A team of University of Arkansas physicists has successfully developed a circuit capable of capturing graphene’s thermal motion and converting it into an electrical current.

“An energy-harvesting circuit based on graphene could be incorporated into a chip to provide clean, limitless, low-voltage power for small devices or sensors,” said Paul Thibado, professor of physics and lead researcher in the discovery.

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Surprise! This is NOT an LED Display!

Another rare orphan display from IEE that sought to offer an affordable (and possible) option for a digital display that looks like it’s LED but is in fact incandescent. A fraction of the power requirements of what an LED equivalent would have been in the mid-70’s, but strangely designed to be non-serviceable. A brief stop-gap measure on the way to cheap high brightness LED displays that came a decade later. Enjoy!