Jakobnator’s Old Dell XP13 Laptop Gets a USB Power Delivery Upgrade Thanks to a New Type-C Port

Looking to drop the proprietary power supply, jakobnator’s upgrade means the laptop now charges from a common Type-C adapter.

Pseudonymous YouTuber “jakobnator” has published a video showing how he upgraded an older Dell laptop to charge using a USB Type-C port, via USB Power Delivery (PD) — doing away with its proprietary power brick in the process.

“So I’ve had this laptop for about six years now,” jakobnator explains. “[It] got me through college, and I really like this line-up of XPS13s. It’s a good size MacBook alternative, but as I’ve been travelling more I’ve been trying to shrink down things so that I’m only carrying one charger.”

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Build a Cheap Mouse Jiggler to Keep a Computer From Falling Asleep

This guide will walk you through how to build a cheap mouse jiggler using a Digispark board.

There is a reason that your computer automatically goes to sleep and locks itself when you don’t use it for a little while, and it isn’t just to save power. It is a simple and effective way to improve security, since so few people care enough to manually lock their computer when they take their lunch breaks or leave for the night. A really easy way to circumvent that security is to keep the computer from going to sleep by tricking it into thinking the user is still there. One device that can be used to achieve that is a mouse jiggler, and this guide will walk you through how to build a cheap one using a Digispark board.

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Back to the BBS – The return to being online (Part One)

Bulletin Board Systems (BBS’s) were what people went online with before the web. This multi-part documentary shows you what BBS’s do, why they are still relevant and fun to use today. The documentary interviews some users and system operators, both young and old.
Crazy as it may sound, BBS’s are actually still around today and can be accessed via the net. BBS’s offer information and provide mail systems that are away from the prying eyes of Facebook and Google. They’re a very sociable place to be, with messaging & chat.
They have art unlike any you’ve ever seen and some really cool games and mods. Think of the best bits of E-mail, usenet, Reddit, Facebook Groups, filesharing and a few more besides. Package it all in one area, with a really cool retro aesthetic and you have a BBS.
People run BBS’s today because they are passionate about engaging in a community of people with similar ideals, something they won’t get anywhere else.

Zack Freedman Built a Tiny RaspberryPi Gaming PC That Plays Crysis!

Miniaturized gaming PCs are all the rage right now and Zack Freedman’s Coccolith is one of the best we’ve seen.

There is a fun trend going on right now with people using single-board computers (SBCs) to create tiny, functional scale models of their full-size desktop gaming PCs. These aren’t capable of reaching anywhere close to the performance of their larger brethren, but that isn’t the goal. The objective is to recreate all of the details as faithfully as possible, all the way down to itty bitty RAM sticks and hard drives in some cases. Zack Freedman wanted to get in on the fad, but took things to the next level by miniaturizing his entire computer setup. The result is “Coccolith,” which is a 1/4 scale model of his main “Monolith” PC, complete with monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

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Hackboard 2 Is a $140 Windows 10 Pro Single-Board Computer

The Raspberry Pi continues to be the most-popular choice for single-board computers, especially considering the very low price point. But what if you want a single-board computer capable of running Windows 10? The Hackboard 2 offers just that for a surprisingly low price.

Hackboard 2 was created by a team spread across Austin, London, and Shezhen. As The Hackboard website explains, the idea was formed very early in the coronavirus pandemic when Quantum Engineering CEO Mike Callow came up with the idea of “creating a small, low-cost, Windows-powered and Intel-based computer for children, parents, and educators who wouldn’t normally be able to afford one.”

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Jozef Bogin Boots an IBM PC From an Unusual Medium: A Vinyl Record

Taking advantage of the IBM PC’s cassette deck interface and a vinyl cutter Bogin may now own the only IBM compatible to boot from a record.

Engineer Jozef Bogin has taken on an unusual challenge: Getting a computer to boot from a vinyl record, played at 45 revolutions per minute.

Today, most computer systems use magnetic or solid-state media for their storage — hard drives or solid state drives. In the early days of computing, though, cassette tapes were not uncommon — storing the digital data as audible beeps and boops which could be played back on any standard cassette deck. That link between audio and digital data gave rise to programs distributed on the flip-side of cassette albums, and in a few unusual cases programs which could be played back on the B side of vinyl records.

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Quantum device performs 2.6 billion years of computation in 4 minutes

Photons explore quantum maze faster than possible for any classical computer.

I am a great believer in solving problems with lasers. Are you suffering from a severely polarized society and a fast-growing population living below the poverty line? Well, I have the laser to solve all your problems.

OK, maybe not. But when it comes to quantum computing, I believe that lasers are the future. I suspect that the current architectures are akin to the Colossus or the ENIAC: they are breakthroughs in their own right, but they are not the future. My admittedly biased opinion is that the future is optical. A new paper provides my opinion some support, demonstrating solutions to a mind-boggling 1030 problem space using a quantum optical system. Unfortunately, the support is a little more limited than I’d like, as it is a rather limited breakthrough.

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MeLE PCGO 2 It’s A Fanless Mini PC Stick With 8GB Of Ram!

In this video, we test out the all new MeLE PCGO2, A Fanless Mini PC Stick with 8GB of Ram and powered by the Intel Celeron J4125 CPU! Capable of 4K resolutions and it runs Windows 10, Linux, and even Android On paper this looks like a nice little totally silent Mini Stick PC but how does it really perform? IS it any better than the Chuwi LarkBox or the Lark Box Pro? test out some 4k video playback from YouTube and PLEX and finally wrap it up with some PC gaming with games like Sky rim, Overwatch, and even CS-GO.
SO is it worth buying? Let’s find out