You could fit the data from 25 million 1TB SSDs on this 5cm diamond wafer

Researchers in Japan say they’ve concocted a new method of creating wafers out of diamonds able to store mammoth amounts of data on them. We’re talking 25 exabytes of storage, which is a 25,000 petabytes. Or 25,000,000 terabytes. Or 25 billion gigabytes. It’s a dizzying amount of data, that’s for sure.

If you assume there’s roughly 50,000 games on Steam and each one is around 80GB, which to be completely honest is probably a gross exaggeration of the average game install size on the platform, you’d be looking at around four petabytes of data required to install the lot. So with a single diamond wafer you could save the entire Steam catalogue 6,250 times. 

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