Google Stored G Suite Users’ Passwords in Plain-Text for 14 Years

After Facebook and Twitter, Google becomes the latest technology giant to have accidentally stored its users’ passwords unprotected in plaintext on its servers—meaning any Google employee who has access to the servers could have read them.

In a blog post published Tuesday, Google revealed that its G Suite platform mistakenly stored unhashed passwords of some of its enterprise users on internal servers in plaintext for 14 years because of a bug in the password recovery feature.

G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps, is a collection of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools that have been designed for corporate users with email hosting for their businesses.

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NERF Rival Minigun

For most people, the Nerf Rival’s 100-round capacity and 70 MPH firing speed are more than enough to have a whole lot of backyard fun. YouTube Nerf-gun modifier Captain Xavier, however, is not most people. Case-in-point, Xavier’s modified Nerf Rival Minigun.

This monstrous tool of office warfare can shoot off 20 rounds per second at the gun’s original speed of 70 MPH. What’s more, it can fire continuously for nearly two minutes thanks to the 2,000 round capacity stored in the molle webbed backpack. That’s a lot of flying foam. Unfortunately for us, the Captain has said he’s not going to be making these on commission for anyone, nor will he be releasing a how-to video on it. This particular build was just for the fun of it.

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Baer’s Odyssey: Meet the serial inventor who built the world’s first game console.

Even if you’re a devoted fan of video games, there’s a decent chance you’re not familiar with the name Ralph H. Baer. This should be considered gamer high treason considering Baer’s importance in creating the concept of home video games and the vast, varied entertainment ecosystem now built upon them. Despite being the one to push the dominoes toward an industry that currently makes billions of dollars annually, the bulk of the gaming community has largely forgotten about him.

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