Electronic Filament Embeds Semiconductors Directly into 3D Prints

Researchers at MIT and elsewhere have created a 3D printing process that produces objects with the electronics already embedded inside.
The process uses customized fused deposition modeling (FDM) printers, but instead of melting the entire filament, only the outer polymer cladding is liquefied, leaving an internal electronics structure unaffected.

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(Yet Another) Raspberry Pi in Space!

It’s perhaps a bit surprising how many Raspberry Pi boards have made it to space. Totally ignoring all the Raspberry Pi boards that make it into space the cheap and cheerful way on a high-altitude balloon, there are at least two aboard the International Space Station in use by the astronauts, and another two running cryptography experiments for ESA.

There are others, but they were joined in July by yet another Raspberry Pi that was carried to orbit by a Russian Soyuz-2–1b Fregat-M rocket into a solar synchronous orbit.

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Klipper guide part 2: MKS Gen L/TMC2208 + Wrecklabs Printhat

Klipper is a special firmware designed to perform the heavy lifting of calculating kinematics on a Raspberry Pi and therefore simplify the job of the existing 3D printer mainboard. This allows very precise stepper motor timing and potentially much higher speeds.

In this installment, I swap the Ender 3 mainboard for an MKS Gen L and setup TMC2208s in UART mode, the LCD, and hot end activated fan. It wasn’t easy so the config file is provided below. TMC2208s are notorious for not getting along well with Klipper, especially in stand alone mode.

PinkyPi X – WaveShare GamePi15 RaspberryPi Zero Game Console.

PinkyPi X is now available for download on Thingiverse.com. This is based around the WaveShare GamePi15 game hat and a RaspberryPi Zero.
As always, the original Sketchup source files I created when designing this case have been included.

You can also download our precompiled RetroPie 4.5.1 image from our Downloads.
This image has preconfigured controls, and utilizes the fbcp-ili9341 display driver and PiSNES for the best available speeds you can get on a Pi Zero.

If you like the work we do, and would like to support us, please consider a one time or reoccurring donation to our new Patreon we are setting up.
You can also follow along in the build and join in the conversation on our forums in the PinkyPi X thread.

VMworld Reveals: Armed and Ready (ESXi on ARM, #OCTO2944BU)

At VMworld, various cool new technologies were previewed. In this series of articles, I will write about some of those previewed technologies. Unfortunately, I can’t cover them all as there are simply too many. This article is about ESXi on ARM, which was session OCTO2944BU. For those who want to see the session, you can find it here. This session was presented by Andrei Warkentin and Daniel Beveridge. Please note that this is a summary of a session which is discussing a tech preview, these features may never be released, and this preview does not represent a commitment of any kind, and this feature (or it’s functionality) is subject to change. Now let’s dive into it, what is VMware doing with ARM?

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Solar Tracking Display with Integrated Stepper

Solar panels can be a great way to generate extra electricity for your home, or even to supply something like a remote monitoring station where grid power isn’t available. While you could simply stick a panel in a convenient location facing roughly upwards, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that the sun doesn’t stay in the same position throughout the day. Therefore, if you can get your panel to move with the sun, this can boost power collection by 15 to 40%.

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