Intro to Hardware Reversing: Finding a UART and getting a shell

This video is part of the Figurable project, which is geared toward people who are curious about IoT security and looking for that first bite of the apple.
If you’re interested in hardware but haven’t had a chance to play with any yet, this one’s for you. In this “hello world”-level reversing project we’re checking out a UART (serial port) and using it to access a shell on a *very* soft target.
If you decide to try it on your own you’ll find an equipment list, walk-through references, and some troubleshooting ideas at the link below.

Mobile RaspberryPi with ANY iPad. No USB-C needed.

Following on my from earlier video about pairing the Raspberry Pi 4 with the iPad Pro over USB-C, this video show how to pair any iPad (or iPhone, or Android tablet) with a Pi4 or a Pi3 over WiFi.

Not only that, but this solution solves the problem of how to charge the iPad while using the Pi, and provides a really nice interface for working with WiFi while on the go.

Qubes OS: Security Oriented Operating System

Qubes OS securely divides a user’s digital life into separate domains (or “qubes”) that are isolated in different virtual machines. This video covers Qubes OS system requirements, installation and setup, along with a demo including workspaces, copying data between Qubes, block device handling, and installing and accessing applications.

You can download and support Qubes OS at:

Dungeon Master – Clever Floppy Disk Anti-Piracy | MVG

Dungeon Master – the classic 16 bit dungeon crawler that defined a genre was one of the best ever games for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga. Released in 1987 by FTL (Faster than Light) it saw many ports to different systems including the Sharp X68000, MS-DOS, Apple IIgs, Super Nintendo and more. It also had one of the most devious floppy disk copy protection schemes ever created.

In an age where most games were cracked in a matter of hours, FTL’s clever protection took an entire year to crack with many attempts to defeat it, resulting in failure over and over again.