Octoprint Enhanced Control

Hello everybody!!
I just wanted to control remotely my 3d printer, so I got a raspberry pi.

I setup octopi/octoprint and everything ran smoothly but I couldn’t power off the printer main power remotely.
Trying to find solutions on the net I found this instructable from MakinThings.
So I decided to control not only the light, but also the main power for the printer.

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Building a USB Type-C PD Powerbank the Super Simple Way || Testing an Aliexpress PCB!

In this small project I will show you how to create a DIY USB Type-C PD powerbank the super simple way. To do that I will firstly test a powerbank PCB based around the IP5328P IC I got from Aliexpress. The measurements will show us how suitable the PCB is for creating a DIY powerbank. Afterwards I will then show you how I created a Li-Ion battery pack and a custom 3D printed enclosure before I will put all the components together to form the powerbank. Let’s get started!

This 3D Printed “Bladeless” Fan Gets it Done Cheap!

Not long after Dyson unveiled their “bladeless” fan, a fairly steady stream of ever cheaper clones have been hitting the market. But this 3D printed version created by [Elite Worm] must surely be one of the most budget-friendly takes on the concept. If you’ve got a 3D printer, we’d wager you’ve already got most of the parts required to build your own.

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Why The Longing Takes Four Hundred Days to Play

Time’s a funny thing, isn’t it? We’ve got so much of it and yet it never feels like enough. So many games are about time, and they’ve all got different ways of using it to motivate and manipulate players – but what’s the underlying truth behind the way video games use chronology?

To find out, The Architect is going to have to go deep, deep underground to play with a little game called The Longing which, as the name may imply, is very very long indeed.