Tesla flexes its overkill infotainment system by running “Cyberpunk 2077” at 60 fps

When Tesla formally announced the Model S Plaid in its Q4 and FY 2020 Update Letter, the company was quick to point out that company’s new flagship sedan would feature a 10-teraflop infotainment system. Musk even went on to say later that the new Model S and Model X’s infotainment system would be powerful enough to run PS5-level games. 

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The Piano Metronome is key to keeping the beat

In the world of music, being able to keep time accurately is vital when playing a piece, as even small deviations in timing can cause the notes played to sound “off.” Ordinarily a device called a metronome is used to provide consistent ticks that the musician can use, but most are not that visually interesting. This is what inspired ChristineNZ over on Instructables to create her own metronome that uses an Arduino Uno to both show the beat and produce a small noise. 

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RaspberryPi Zero Takes the Wheel in Miniature Fighting Robot

Looking to capitalize on his familiarity with the Raspberry Pi, [Sebastian Zen Tatum] decided to put the diminutive Pi Zero at the heart of his “antweight” fighting robot, $hmoney. While it sounds like there were a few bumps in the road early on, the tuxedoed bot took home awards from the recent Houston Mayhem 2021 competition, proving the year of Linux on the battle bot is truly upon us.

Compared to using traditional hobby-grade RC hardware, [Sebastian] says using the Pi represented a considerable cost savings. With Python and evdev, he was able to take input from a commercial Bluetooth game controller and translate it into commands for the GPIO-connected motor controllers. For younger competitors especially, this more familiar interface can be seen as an advantage over the classic RC transmitter.

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Hand Gesture Recognition Raspberry TensorFlow

Hand gesture recognition based on Raspberry Camera and TensorFlow. All the steps are described from the dataset creation to the final deploy.

The idea behind this project is to create a device able to drive an actuator based on the gesture of the hand’s fingers.

The project is specialized on recognizing streaming images of the hand taken by the raspberry-pi camera.

The data set of the images used to train the model was created ad hoc with images taken from the Raspberry Camera only (not other devices) with a neutral background.

The model is based on the transfer learning of the Inception v3 model, customized to handle the project requirements. The last layer was removed from the Inception v3 model and a few layers were added to be customized with the new dataset and to provide the output for just four cases.

The model was trained with the images collected and pre-classified earlier on a desktop (32 Gb ram + GPU). Once the model was trained and tested, it was exported to the Raspberry Pi.

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Tencent’s Robotics X Division Shows Off Ollie, a Leaping Wheeled Robot with a Clever “Tail”

Designed around two wheels on four joined “legs,” the secret to Ollie’s agility is a hidden third wheel on an extra limb.

Robotics X, the robotics research division of Chinese multinational conglomerate Tencent, has shown off a new robot dubbed Ollie — capable of performing the skateboarding trick which provided its name, by swinging around a wheeled “tail.”

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Impressive Superman game demo takes off in Unreal Engine 5

An impressive Superman game demo has emerged from Unreal Engine 5.

Just below, you can see a post from the Reddit Gaming subreddit that caught a lot of attention over the weekend from user TJATOMICA. In the short clip, the user demos Superman running across a rooftop in Manhattan, and then taking flight, soaring up into the air with finesse.

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Here’s what happened when a Tesla owner built a robot to plug in his car

A Tesla owner built a robot to automatically plug his electric car for overnight charging — something that Tesla has previously announced that it is working on.
Here’s what happened.

The idea of automatically charging electric vehicles have been around for a while.
It seems to have emerged from the idea that electric vehicles are not as convenient to charge as gasoline-powered vehicles are to fuel.
This is not exactly true.

Electric vehicles can be charged overnight at home, which makes them way more convenient than gas-powered cars.
The only aspect that can be seen as less convenient is the charge time versus refueling time when on the go.

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Novel Research Powers Multiple Wearable Devices From a Single Source

This new technology enables a single device to wirelessly power other wearables, using the human body as a medium for power transmission.

Wearable devices have become a large part of how we live our lives — from phones and watches to wireless health monitors and more — and will undoubtedly remain so. A major pain point in using and maintaining a variety of devices, however, is how to keep them properly powered. Charging numerous devices every day can be cumbersome and inconvenient, especially when the battery runs out. A team of researchers at the National University of Singapore have developed a solution: technology that allows a single device to wirelessly power other wearables, using the human body as a medium for power transmission.

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