Node-RED Laser Shooting Galler

When you think of a shooting gallery, you might envision a line of tin cans set up along a split-rail fence, or a few rows of ducks or bottles lined up at a carnival. But what do these have in common? You, standing in one spot, and shooting in the same general direction. You’re exposed! If those targets could shoot back, you’d be dead within seconds. Wouldn’t it be more fun if the targets were all around you in 360°? We think so, too.

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REDREAM On the Raspberry Pi 4! Full Speed Dreamcast Emulation!

In this video, we take a look at the Standalone version of REDREAM running natively on the Raspberry Pi 4! As of making this video, it is still in beta but with the games I’ve tested so far, we are getting full speed Dreamcast emulation on a Raspberry Pi finally! Games tested in this video Marvel vs Capcom 2, Dead or Alive 2, Soul Caliber, sonic adventure 2, Hydro Thunder, Tony hawks pro skater 2 and Shenmue.

Top 10 Retro Gaming Handhelds of 2019 [Win 2/ZPG/Digi Dock/RG350/Moqi I7s]

A little late with this one, but this is my retro rewind for 2019 featuring my top ten best retro gaming handhelds of 2019. There was a ton of good competition in the space this year from the RG350 to the Moqi I7s, so narrowing it down to 10 was a little difficult. This list includes many handhelds that I’ve already reviewed on this channel and a few new ones.

How long will a 3D printed cylinder head last? Let’s find out!

Link to the 3D cylinder heads being made:

How long will a 3D printed cylinder head last? In this video, I test both PLA and ABS plastic 3D printed cylinder heads (made by Terry from Southern Manitoba Canada–thank you Terry!). The cylinder heads and gaskets look amazing and they were designed with great precision. Thanks to all who recommended this video idea!

A PSP/PS Vita Clone that Runs Android – Much W1 Review / Snail iReadyGo

So I got my hands on the 2015 Snail Much W1 78P01 android emulation/Android gaming phone also know as the IReadyGo Handheld. Powered by an 8 Core MediaTek MTK6592 at 1.7Ghz with a Mali 450MP4 GPU at 700Mhz and 2Gb of ram but how does it handle emulation in 2020? Should you buy one? Let’s find out! I test out some Sega Genesis, GBA, NeoGeo, Dreamcast, PS1, Dreamcast, and even PSP.