The Atari VCS Can Play PS2, Gamecube, PSP & Wii Games! It’s just a Ryzen PC

The all-new Atari VCS is more powerful than I thought, It can actually Play PS2, Gamecube, PSP, and Even Wii Games at full speed! The Atari VS is powered by an AMD Ryzen 1606G APU with built-in Radeon Vega 3 graphics and it comes with either 4GB or 8 Gb of ram so basically it’s just an AMD mini PC! I installed a 250Gb m.2 SSD and install windows 10 pro on this thing and not bad a all! In this video we test out some PSP games using PPSSPP, some Gamecube and Wii games using the Dolphin emulator and even some PS2 games using PCSX2 and the results are amazing. So is it worth $299? $279 for the base unit at Walmart, are you going to pick one up?

I Finally Got my Atari VCS! (Console Review)

UPDATE: The issues with downloading Vol. 2 have been resolved, at least in my case. I’m fully aware this video may not age well. So, I guess I was at the top of the shipping pallet, because I got my VCS less than 24 hours after they started shipping. I was the first person to post online that I had one, and Atari actually tweeted my photo as a result. This is a bite-sized review of my honest day one experience. I did not get to talk about everything I wanted to, but I did what I could.

An Atari Graphics Chip, Ready for you to Build

The most notable of the home computer and console hardware from the 8-bit golden era didn’t get their impressive sound and graphics from off-the-shelf silicon, instead they relied on secretive custom chipsets to get the edge over their competitors. Unfortunately for vintage gaming aficionados, those chips are now long out of production and in many cases there’s little information to be had about their operation.

Which makes discovery of the schematics (PDF link) for the “Tia Maria” graphics chip found in the Atari 7800 console an unusual occurrence, and one which should be of special interest to the emulation community. They can be found alongside the rest of the Atari Museum’s 7800 information.

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