Intel vs AMD: Which CPU is better for cooking pancakes?

Who makes the best CPU for gaming? Generally speaking, Intel wins out in pure framerates, though many other factors come into play. With AMD’s latest Ryzen 9 3900X and other 3rd Gen CPUs, the battle is far closer, and both companies have their strong suits. 

Both companies also make HEDT (High-End Desktop) CPUs for ‘enthusiasts,’ but with the higher core counts now available in Ryzen CPUs, HEDT is difficult to recommend as a gaming solution. But what about as a pancake cooking solution? Our friends at Tom’s Hardware recently set out to determine which CPU was best for cooking pancakes. As a result, Tom’s might also be looking to buy a new CPU when the Black Friday deals roll around.

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SmartCan Rolls Trash to the Curb for You

As I write this, it’s Monday, and my mind immediately jumps to whether or not I need to take the trash out — which actually doesn’t happen next until tomorrow. It’s a small thing, but yet one more task that I need to think about over and over, meaning brainpower and a small amount of physical work that could be better used for fun projects… or writing another Hackster article. If only there was a robot that could do this for me?

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Creative ways to cool your Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a small beast of a machine, and particularly with the latest version, the Raspberry Pi 4, it can run quite hot – therefore it could do with some cooling.

Today we look at the creative solutions that people have employed to cool their Raspberry Pis, and a word of warning, I’m totally ignoring practicality here!

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All you need to know about Stepper Motors| Code Included| Robosense

Robotics is the next disruptor which is obvious, electronics, data science and hardware knowledge is very important to make a mark in this field. Robots ranging from small printing machines to huge arm movements are very precise which has been possible by introducing a new generation of motors known as STEP Motor or STEPPING Motor and popularly known as STEPPER Motor.

Old laptop Screens on a Raspberry PI… Yes indeed.

I have been asked many times if it is possible to use an old laptop screen (LCD Panel salvaged from an old laptop), watch the video and see how its done!

Part 2, what is LVDS…

For the longest time my answer has been NO, or not with a lot of work It is now time to change that answer, in this video you will see how you can use many different LCD panels from OLD Laptops with the raspberry PI with the purchase and connection of a simple board from Banggood.