Exceeds Expectations: New Atari VCS Tear-Down & Ryzen-Powered Console

We’re taking apart the brand new Atari VCS console from 2021 / 2020. The Atari VCS remake is a small gaming box with an AMD Ryzen SOC and, just maybe, some potential.

We’ll be separately reviewing this Atari VCS to see whether it’s worth it. The box is actually pretty interesting, as it can be customized with a new OS and is somewhat upgradeable by the user. It’s a lot more than we expected under the shell — but our expectations were that it’d house a Raspberry Pi-style PCB. In reality, the VCS has had a lot more effort go into it than we expected, so that’s a good start. We’ll have to test it and use it for the review to determine whether it makes any sense to buy, of course.

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