New Shield TV Pro and Shield TV First Look Unboxing Benchmarks Comparison

The New 2019 Nvidia Shield Android TV is here! well actually two new models, the Shield TV Pro and the Shield TV.
In this video, I take a look a both, with an unboxing, spec overview and I also run some benchmarks like GeekBench 3d mark and GFXBench, unfortunately, ANTUTU just keeps crashing on both devices. Coming in at $199 for the Nvidia Shield Pro and $150 for the Nvidia Shield which one is right for you?

Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 Emulation Test – Should You Upgrade?

In this video I test out the emulation performance on the New 2019 Nvidia Shield TV Pro packed with the upgrade Tegra X1+ CPU and 3GB of Ram is it any better at running retro games than the 2015 or the 2017 Shield TV? Let’s find out. I test out some of my favorite emulators like Dolphin for Gamecube.PPSSPP for PSP, Redream for Dreamcast Mupen64 FZ for N64 and Retroarch for Sega Saturn.

Halloween Pi + 3D print project: animated eyes horror mask

Halloween is upon us! My kids love to dress up and decorate the house, so a good maker project was needed. These animated eyes from Adafruit run from a Raspberry Pi and have placed behind a 3D printed and then painted mask. The final result is quite unsavory and will hopefully freak out a few kids and adults alike.

Protecting Electronic Devices with Novec Electronic Grade Coatings

3M™ Novec™ Electronic Grade Coatings are designed to protect delicate electronic components from moisture, chemicals, and corrosion, helping to enhance reliability and extend device life. These clear, ultrathin coatings are low in toxicity, non-flammable and easy to apply through a range of dispensing methods. See how Novec Electronic Grade Coatings can help keep your printed circuit boards, components and other device parts safe.

Amazing Portable TouchScreen Monitor Built In Battery USB Type C – PEPPER JOBS XtendTouch

In this video I take a look at the all-new PEPPER JOBS XtendTouch XT1610F Battery Powered Portable monitor Its a 15.6 inch Full HD 1080P IPS screen, built-in touch, 10800 mAh battery, quad speakers, USB Type C, and HDMI!
It’s compatible with Windows 10, macOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS and any other device that supports HDMI like the Raspberry Pi or any other single board computer. It’s perfect for Samsung DeX and gets around 6 hours of battery life at 60 percent brightness.
IF you’re in the market for an awesome battery powered touch screen monitor defiantly put this on the list. Built to compete with the asus ZenScreen.

Cisco Switches Converted to Drink Mixer

Remember back in the old days when you used to whip up cocktails by hand? Sure, some still do this… but any good hacker knows that one should build a machine to take care of this task before partaking in a mixed adult beverage. While the form factor varies from machine to machine, this has to be the first one that’s constructed inside of two recycled Ethernet switches!

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