Manjaro Arm Is Awesome! OS Overview and Install Guide – Raspberry Pi ODROID Pine64 Radxa

Manjaro Arm is one of the best-operating systems for single board computers like the Raspberry Pi 3 4, ODROID N2, Rockpro64 that I’ve ever used and in this video, I show you how to install it on your Single Board Computer “SBC” of choice. It’s based on Arch Linux so it is a bit different from Debian and Ubuntu-based OS’s that you may have used but you need to give this a try because Manjaro Arm is Awesome!

Create a High-Speed Raspberry Pi Camera for Just $6 Using Nothing But Software

Taking high frame rate video or filming in slow motion is becoming a standard feature found on some of the higher-end smartphones as of late. Watching the most mundane objects, such as water balloons or fireworks, spin or fall, can have a remarkable visual impact over using 60 FPS video. Besides using the latest flagship smartphones, most high-speed video is shot using expensive camera setups that can cost thousands of dollars, which most of us can’t afford, but software consultant and developer Robert Elder was able to design a high-speed camera using just $6.

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Raspberry Pi Alarm Clock Radio

More than 10 years ago I bought a Sony Radio Alarm Clock. For the time, it was an excellent device.

After years of abuse, tuning to an FM station became problematic. In 2017, the buttons stopped working. I could have fixed these, but I thought it would be more fun to replace the guts with a raspberry pi. However, the final build is larger than the original case. So, I tossed the case.

Of course, all of the functions of a Radio Alarm Clock can be accomplished with a SmartPhone.

There is no point in building a Radio Alarm Clock. A home built alarm clock radio costs way more than buying one and it took a crazy amount of time to build. But this project made me feel like a kid again and I learned a lot.

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How to Make the Verbal Morality Ticketing Machine from Demolition Man

In the iconic 1993 film Demolition Man, Sylvester Stallone’s character, a cop from the ’90s, and Wesley Snipes’ character, a crime lord, are transported into the bleak and distant future of 2032. There they find a dystopian nightmare where Taco Bell has won the franchise wars (though Pizza Hut did in international releases), bathrooms are incomprehensible, and you can be ticketed for using curse words. Those tickets are handed out automatically by a machine, and now you can use a Raspberry Pi to build your very own “verbal morality ticketing machine!

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Use an Arduino to Find Out How Much Money You’re Spending on Water in the Shower

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t really know where the money you spend on utilities is actually going. You just get a bill in the mail every month and hope it isn’t too high. Sure, you know that your air conditioner uses a lot of energy because your electricity bill skyrockets in the summer. But how much electricity does your refrigerator use? How much water does your dishwasher consume every time you run it? Those questions are hard to answer, but you can at least build this Arduino-based monitor to find out how much money you’re spending on water in the shower.

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Switch SNES Controller Confirmed, Nintendo Switch Online SNES Games Next?

A SNES-style controller for the Nintendo Switch has been spotted thanks to a new FCC filing, which hints that we could see SNES games added to Nintendo Switch Online service sooner rather than later.

The filing – spotted by Restera user Link83 – shows the rear of the controller, complete with the all-important “HAC” model number, which is used by Nintendo to denote Switch hardware and accessories.

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