Microsoft is bringing Android app support to Windows 11

Today, Microsoft has officially unveiled the new version of Windows: Windows 11. At the event, Microsoft detailed a number of visual and productivity changes coming to the desktop operating system. Towards the end of the event, Microsoft had a surprise announcement in store: the company is bringing Android apps to Windows 11, accessible through the Microsoft Store via a partnership with the Amazon App Store.

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New RK3566 Android Tv Box with 8GB of Ram! The New SOC We Needed?

We finally have a new arm CPU for these Android Tv boxes and Single-board computers but is it any good?
In this video, we take a look at the X88 pro 20 Android Tv box powered by the all-new RK3566 SOC and 8GB of ram! The Rk3566has 4 cores running at 1.8GHz and backed by the Mali G52 2EE GPU capable of 4k 60FPS and 8K 24FPS video playback is this the new CPU we need? let’s find out.

We run some benchmarks test out some native android games and finally see how well the RK3566 handles some of our favorite emulators like PPSSPP for PSP, Redream, and Flycast for Dreamcast.

In Car Emulation Test Using The CarDongle! Android PC for Your Car

In this video, we test out some emulators running on the new CarDongle! The CarDongle Is An Android PC For Your Car and with this, you can easily add a full android OS to your vehicle with access to Google Play, Netflix, youtube, Android Auto, Android Games, and Emulators Like RetroArch, PPSSPP! We test out some NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, Dreamcast, and PSP. So can this thing run emulators on our car’s built-in screen? Let’s find out

NanoPi M4B Single Board Computer – 6 Core CPU Android 10

In this video, we take a look at the Neo Pi M4 single board computer from friendly Arm/ Friendly Elec. Powered by a 6 Core CPU and backed by a 4 core Mali GPU can this compete with the Raspberry Pi 4?

In this video we test out Android 10 running on this board and test out Video playback from YouTube and PLEX then we move over to some Native android games like Minecraft and Asphalt 9 and finally wrap it up with some PSP, Dreamcast emulation, and Cloud gaming using Project Cloud/Xbox game streaming.

Best Game Controllers for Android in 2020

Mobile gaming on your phone often offers the flexibility of gaming everywhere just using touchscreen controls. But let’s be real — there’s nothing better than gaming with a trusty controller in hand. The best option is the Razer Raiju Mobile which is a premium Bluetooth controller that will let you play all your favorite old-school games using emulators or the best Android games that support Bluetooth controls.

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Is the Nvidia Shield Still The Best Android TV? Should you Buy One In 2020?

Is the Nvidia Shield Android TV still the best Android TV?
Let’s find out In this video we test out some 4K video playback Native and streaming, take a look at Geforce now, some native android games like real racing 3 and half-life 2 then wrap it up with some emulation using PPSSPP for PSP and Redream for Dreamcast.

I’ve tested a lot of cheaper and expensive android tv boxes along with a ton of single-board computers running Android Tv and overall the Shield is defiantly my go-to choice.

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Razer Kishi Review The Best Android Controller?

In this video, we take a look at and test out the all-new Razer Kishi USB Type C Android controller! This is not a Bluetooth controller it actually connects to your Android phone ver USB type C and it enables Ultra-low input latency.
It works with almost any android games that have controller support, Its also woks with Geforce Now, Project Cloud Stadia, and Steam link plus its fully compatible with our favorite emulators like Dolphin, PPSSPP, Citra, Retroarch and many many more!