Repair Shop in Poland Still Uses Commodore 64 For Business

Poland – Tell us, are you tired of the current consumer society where you change your smartphones and personal computers like socks? Well if you are, then you are not alone. One auto-mechanic shop in Gdansk (Poland) also shares your pain and they didn’t change their PC for 25 years.

They stopped to produce these computers back in 1994, but this auto-mechanic shop in Poland still uses it. Jokingly they said “Good things should not be changed”.

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Emulate ZX Spectrum on emulated Commodore 64 on emulated DOS on emulated Windows on Linux

An emulator is a program that allows one system (eg. Windows) to run programs built for another system (eg. ZX Spectrum). It is mainly used to play old 8-bit games on today’s PCs. In other words, a complete waste of time.

What we will do is emulate Windows on a Linux system. Then we will run a DOS emulator under Windows. Then we will run a Commodore 64 emulator in this emulated DOS environment. Finally, we will run a ZX Spectrum emulator on the emulated Commodore machine.

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Can you replace your C64 PLA for under $3?

Bad PLA chips (MOS 906114-01) are a super common problem for the “breadbin” Commodore 64 machines. There are replacements around but they aren’t that cheap. How about one you can build yourself at home for under $3?

The GAL-PLA has been tested on longboard PCB 326298, 250407, 250425 and the SX64 with no compatibility issues or modifications required. Tested with Super Zaxxon, 1541 Ultimate II and Easy Flash 3 with no issues on both NTSC and PAL machines.