RaspberryPi 4 GameBoy! ExperimentalPi PiBoy DMG HDMI and Battery Test

This GameBoy Can Play Dreamcast N64 PSP & More – Raspberry Pi 4 Gameboy PiBoy DMG The ExperimentalPi PiBoy DMG is Amazing! powered by the Pi4 has an IPS 3.5 Inch screen and it even has a built-in cooling fan for the Raspberry Pi 4!
If you have ever wanted to play N64 Dreamcast PS1 PSP Neo.Geo Sega genesis SNES and more on the Gameboy this might just be for you! In this video, we take a look at HDMI out and External Controller support plus I’ve had some time to do some battery life testing.

Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti could require upgraders to rip out most of their PC

New rumors are doing the rounds that suggest the Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti, and other upcoming Ampere graphics cards, could require a new 12-pin PCIe connector to provide the requisite power – and if true this could prove very frustrating for potential upgraders.

While current Nvidia graphics cards usually use eight-pin connectors from the PSU (power supply unit) to run, but a new technical illustration suggests that Nvidia is looking at using a new 12-pin PCIe power connector, measuring around 19 x 14 x 8.35mm.

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Arduino DUE NES Emulator!

An Overclocked Arduino DUE is quite able to emulate NES games, the emulator is based on Nofrendo Remix, contains memory hacks, because Arduino DUE has a hardware limit of 96 KB RAM. Nothing is guaranteed. NES ROM size limit is ~ 49168 bytes (It is able to run Super Mario Bros.) Used Libraries: marekburiak-ILI9341_due, greiman-SdFat, SchedulerARMAVR…

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Nintendo Will Reportedly Release A $250 LEGO NES Console Next Month

According to a new report which has surfaced online today, Nintendo is set to release a LEGO version of its classic NES console next month.

A series of images have been shared by Chinese site VJgamer, which claims that the upcoming product includes 1:1 brick replicas of the NES itself, the controller, a cartridge, and even a TV which shows Super Mario Bros. on screen (thanks, VGC).

It’s said that owners will be able to open the NES’ front cover and insert the LEGO cartridge, and that the TV features a crank which can make Mario move from one side of the screen to the other. German publication PromoBricks says that the set will launch for €229 / $250 on 1st August.

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ODROID H2+ Emulation Test – New X86 Single Board Computer

In this video, we test out the emulation performance of the all-new ODROID H2+ Powered by the Intel J4115 CPU and backed by built-in Intel UHD Graphics this little board actually has some potential as a Linux PC or A Windows 10 machine. IN this video we test out some Dreamcast, PSP, Sega Saturn, Gamecube,3DS, and even PS2 on this tiny PC.