RetroPie 4.6 Attractmode Gaming and Dual Screen Possibilities

Retropie for the Raspberry 4 update. Soon you’ll be able to update your current image/build to attract mode. The supreme team will be releasing installer to add this to your current image higher than beta 4. With attract mode comes the possibility of dual screen gaming. Some of you have already noticed Pi4 features with pixelcade and wheel art selections being available as well

Original Xbox’s complete source code leaked online

The original Xbox was a new frontier for modders and tinkerers, as the included hard drive made it easy to install unofficial dashboards and pirated games. Those enthusiasts might be getting a flashback to 2002, as the official Xbox OS has leaked online, according to The Verge. This includes the Xbox dev kit, emulators, build environments, documentation and the kernel itself. These kinds of leaks have often enabled developers to create unofficial (and illegal) fan projects such as emulators. However, The Verge notes that some of this data has been available within the homebrew scene for a while, so it’s not clear how much of it will be a revelation to the Xbox modding and emulation community.

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Alienware Announces AW2521HF Gaming Monitor – 360Hz Monitor With NVIDIA GSYNC And AMD Freesync

Alienware introduces the AW2521HF gaming monitor is a 24.5″ monitor with a native refresh rate of up to 240 Hz and an incredibly fast 1 ms GtG fast IPS response time. This monitor also has a fantastic feature of being able to be overclocked to a new refresh rate of 360 Hz, all the while still offering support for both NVIDIA’s G-SYNC and AMD’s FreeSync Premium.

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G2A admits it sold stolen game keys

After years of shrugging off claims it sold stolen keys, grey-market reseller G2A has admitted to shifting copies which were “illegally obtained”.

The disclosure comes as part of a backfired plan to prove its innocence, which has also cost the company around $40,000.

Last year, G2A attempted to dampen longstanding concerns it did not give a damn where the mysteriously-cheap keys it sold actually came from. It laid out a limited-time offer designed to grab headlines after a round of bad publicity – saying it would pay game developers 10 times their costs if it was proven G2A sold stolen keys for a particular game.

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