RetroFlag Gpi Case The Best Raspberry Pi GameBoy? $69.99

Final price is $69.99
RetroFlag did it again with the all New G Pi Case “GPi case” A raspberry Pi zero or Zero w powered Gameboy and its the best GameBoy Pi ETA Prime has ever tested
“Pi Zero Version”
This is going to sell out fast so stay tuned for the price and release on this awesome raspberry pi powered Gameboy released just in time for the Original GameBoys 30th anniversary!

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Installing Pixel Desktop Environment on RetroPie for Raspberry Pi.

Extend the capabilities with your RetroPie device by adding a full blown Desktop environment for web browsing and other applications!
It’s actually fairly easy, and used to be included with RetroPie, Pixel Desktop Environment (formerly known as LXDE).

From either an SSH session, or directly at the console of your Raspberry Pi, you first want to load up the RetroPie-Setup Script. (To enable SSH, follow our guide)

First we want to run the RetroPie-Setup script, to do so you can use the following;

cd ~/RetroPie-Setup
sudo ./

Once in the RetroPie-Setup screen, we want to navigate to;

Configuration / Tools
Install Pixel desktop environment

You may be prompted to install dependencies, if so be sure to choose Yes or OK.
Once complete, you will be able to find Pixel under the Ports menu!

Designer Creates 3D-Printed Press That Allows Anyone to Print Art From Home

Printmaking has been making a bit of a comeback in recent times, as it allows a contemporary artist the ability to achieve a traditional, embossed aesthetic. However, printing presses are expensive and extremely heavy, making them inaccessible to a lot of people. That’s why Martin Schneider is on a mission to make basic printmaking machinery available to everyone by designing a miniature, 3D-printed press.

The Open Press Project provides freely available plans for anyone with access to a 3D printer to print their own press. “Using an iterative process, I built 10 prototypes, printed more than 100 proofs, and used more than a kilometer of filament,” explains Schneider. “The final result is a portable printing press that costs only 5€ of material and can be printed by everyone with access to a 3D-printer.”

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This SNES emulator mod makes Mode 7 graphics ‘HD’ with amazing results.

My favorite thing about emulating modern 3D games is the ability to run them at vastly higher resolutions—The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example, is stunning at 4K. Higher resolution rendering doesn’t work so well for older pixel art games, or so I thought. A mod released today for Super Nintendo emulator bsnes, called HD Mode 7, shows how much detail you can get out of the faux 3D mode’s graphics.

You can see the difference above—the left half of the image is what Mode 7 normally looks like, and the right half is “HD”. I spliced the two screenshots together. Here’s a comparison you can play with yourself.

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UbiSoft is giving away Assassin’s Creed: Unity, in light of the Notre Dame Fire.

Ubisoft has spoken out in light of the news thatAssassin’s Creed: Unity will be instrumental in the rebuilding of Notre Dame cathedral.

The cathedral, which is more than 800 years old, suffered from a devastating fire earlier this week. As one of France’s most important historical buildings, the world was left heartbroken by the news.

You can download Unity for free from UPlay or the UbiSoft Store

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How the Sega Dreamcast Copy Protection Worked – And how it Failed | MVG

Did you know that the Sega Dreamcast had very sophisticated copy protection? I didn’t either. But its true. The Dreamcast had excellent security measures in place. With the custom GD-ROM format that was not readable by any consumer PC CD and DVD drives at the time it seemed that the Dreamcast would be safe from hackers. That is until one fatal mistake caused the complete breakdown of the security measures.