Using WebUSB with Arduino and TinyUSB

Adafruit recently uploaded a hand guide on how to use Google’s WebUSB API with the TinyUSB stack and Arduino-based projects and how to interact with them in Chrome. Googles WebUSB platform is a JavaScript programming interface that allows users to interact with USB devices via web pages. The TinyUSB library enables Arduino-based development boards to appear as USB devices, making it easy to connect them to the WebUSB standard.

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All you need to know about Stepper Motors| Code Included| Robosense

Robotics is the next disruptor which is obvious, electronics, data science and hardware knowledge is very important to make a mark in this field. Robots ranging from small printing machines to huge arm movements are very precise which has been possible by introducing a new generation of motors known as STEP Motor or STEPPING Motor and popularly known as STEPPER Motor.

Commodore 64 Revamp With Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Lego

This project lets you rediscover the 1980’s gaming scene by resurrecting an old Commodore 64 home computer using new components and those ever-versatile Lego bricks! If you had one of these computers, this build will let you replay forgotten games and beat old high scores.
If you’re new to retro-computing, now’s your chance to see why the Commodore 64 was so incredibly popular.

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Use an Arduino to Find Out How Much Money You’re Spending on Water in the Shower

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t really know where the money you spend on utilities is actually going. You just get a bill in the mail every month and hope it isn’t too high. Sure, you know that your air conditioner uses a lot of energy because your electricity bill skyrockets in the summer. But how much electricity does your refrigerator use? How much water does your dishwasher consume every time you run it? Those questions are hard to answer, but you can at least build this Arduino-based monitor to find out how much money you’re spending on water in the shower.

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