Gameboy, Gameboy Color and possibly Gamboy Advanced modular cartridge cases.

I printed out the full set of parts for version 2.3 of my Gameboy cartridge modular case and snapped everything together last night.
The cartridge pieces work perfect and everything fits together nice and snug, though the new frame pieces I added in version 2.3 need a slit bit of work.

Check out the forums for further details

Gameboy / Gameboy Color stackable game case.

I happened to be watching an episode of Talk About Games, from the YouTube Channel Cinemassacre, and they mentioned the desire for a stackable and connecting Gameboy cartridge case.

Of course I rushed to Sketchup and made a quick doodle, followed up with the case on the printer now being printed.
This is currently still very beta, and I have yet to test fit a game, or the case together… I will be updating it once I verify fitment, and I plan to drastically change the interconnection method.

Though you can find it on Thingiverse at

Gameboy Stackable Case

GB/GBC case on our forums