Gameboy, Gameboy Color and possibly Gamboy Advanced modular cartridge cases.

I printed out the full set of parts for version 2.3 of my Gameboy cartridge modular case and snapped everything together last night.
The cartridge pieces work perfect and everything fits together nice and snug, though the new frame pieces I added in version 2.3 need a slit bit of work.

Check out the forums for further details

OctoPrint and PSU Control to control the power of your 3D printer.

I finally finished up the video for PSU Control with OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi and using a 5v relay to control the power of your 3D printer.

This will allow you to keep your Octoprint setup running, without the printer being powered on all the time when not in use.
Just log into your OctoPrint web console and power up the printer when you are ready.

I also have a brief write up, with links to all items as well as 3D printed parts in use.

OctorPrint and PSU Control on our Forums