Arduino MIDI Mouse Controller

I hate throwing away old electronics that still work but are no longer supported by modern appliances. My idea for this project came after finding an old PS/2 port roller ball computer mouse that I no longer had a use for. I’m a musician in my spare time and currently recording an EP with my metal band HELL SHEEP. I’m using MIDI controllers to create synth parts for our tracks on pro tools. Many people use a MIDI keyboard to write MIDI parts on the computer. I’m no pianist so I have been experimenting with different methods of writing MIDI, including using chess games and cellular automata. Trying to think of a way to re-use the old computer mouse, it occurred to me that it could be repurposed with Arduino as a nifty MIDI controller.

(For those of you who don’t know what MIDI is, check out this great video by Collin’s Lab.)

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