It Took Over 900 Hours to Design and 3D Print This Self-Launching Miniature Roller Coaster

That’s probably still less time than you’ll spend waiting in line at an amusement park.

Tired of spending endless hours waiting in line to ride the latest and greatest roller coaster at your local amusement park? Why not invest all that time designing and 3D printing a roller coaster of your very own like YouTube’s 3d_coasters has?

As detailed in a video recently shared on their YouTube channel, a lot of work went into creating the NoLimits 2 coaster—far more than you’d expect. Just designing the layout of the track and the coaster itself, which are assembled from 2,983 individual parts, took over 600 hours using a piece of 3D modelling software called. Fusion 360. As pieces were finalized, they could be 3D printed while the rest of the modelling was being completed, which required over 800 hours of 3D printing and seven rolls of filament to complete.

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