Arduboy on ATMega4809

Porting Arduboy to the ATMega4809 and making it run on a Arduino Nano Every.

After learning about the Arduboy challenge, we (team Karooza) decided to join in the fun and port Arduboy to a new microcontroller. In the spirit of staying with true 8 bit gaming we chose the ATMega4809. This relatively new microcontroller is also used in the Arduino Nano Every, making it available to the average maker. For this very reason we also chose the Nano Every as our initial target. Then we designed a PCB which handles battery charging, boosting to 5V and breaking out the buttons, LEDs and piezo speaker. Using slightly off-center pads the Nano (with headers) can plug into the breakout board without needing to solder it (a cool idea we borrowed from the Curiosity Nano board).

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