Streamer-Focused Arduino-Powered Sparkpad Packs Keys, Volume Control, OLED Display, and More

Supplied as a kit with open source firmware, the Sparkpad aims to be a one-stop device for streaming, video editing, and more.

Maker Patrick “Paddy” Thomas has launched a display-equipped RGB macro pad, or “reconfigurable control surface,” built around an Arduino Pro Micro and with streamers in mind: the Sparkpad.

“The Sparkpad is a reconfigurable control surface, primarily aimed at Streamers. The V1 Sparkpad is designed to communicate with streaming software — such as OBS – via HID commands sent over USB,” Thomas explains of the design. “However, due to its modular hardware design and open source Arduino firmware, there is scope to do much more. We are hoping to foster a development community, and we will continue to develop improvements for the Sparkpad as and when we can.”

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