Jeff Geerling Squeezes 4.15Gb/s From a RaspberryPi Compute Module 4 Using a PCIe Network Card

Jeff Geerling has succeeded in pulling over 4Gb/s of data from a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, by hooking up a four-port Ethernet card to its PCI Express bus — and the same may well be possible on a modified Raspberry Pi 4, too.

Launched last month, the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 takes the core technology found in the popular Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and brings it to a system-on-module (SoM) form factor. The biggest shift from the original design, though, comes with making the USB 3.0 ports optional and replacing them with a fully-functional PCI Express Gen. 2 lane — suitable for all manner of add-on boards, providing you can find suitable drivers for the Arm architecture.

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