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CandiStick - RGB Floor Accent Lighting FAQ and Howto.  


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How To

Setting up your CandiStick for the first time.

Plug your CandiStick into power, it will first attempt to connect to WiFi. During this time, the stick will gradually light up blue, from bottom to top.
When it fails to connect, it will flash Red briefly, then begin it's default light scheme.

From your mobile device, scan for new WiFi networks. And connect to the network that starts with CC-#####, the last set of characters is unique to each stick.
example below. Your mobile device may warn you that there is no Internet, that is fine, go ahead and connect.

Screenshot 20201019 185250 Settings

Once connected to the network, open a web browser and connect to the following address

From here, you can enter your WiFi name (SSID) as well as the associated password. You MUST use a 2.4ghz WiFi network, a 5ghz network is not supported by the ESP module in the CandiStick.

Screenshot 20201019 185305 Chrome

When you hit send, it will save your settings and automatically reboot. You will know the CandiStick has successfully connected to your WiFi as it will flash green briefly once connected. You may reconnect your mobile device to your WiFi at this time as well.

From here, you can then load up the CandiStick Mobile app, in the top right select the settings gear.

Screenshot 20201020 202923 CandiStick

On the settings page, you should see a Scan button at the bottom, pressing this will start the scanning process to detect devices on your network.

Screenshot 20201020 202929 CandiStick

Once scanning completes, it will refresh the page showing the devices it found on your network. If for some reason it fails to detect your network settings or any devices, you will be prompted to enter your network range. (i.e. 10.0.0)

Screenshot 20201020 202946 CandiStick

From the settings menu, you can also rename or remove a device by selecting the desired device. Their initial names will reflect their current network IP address.

Screenshot 20201020 202954 CandiStick

You can also clear all settings, network range as well as stored devices, by pressing the red trash can in the top right of the settings screen.


Notes on your device and the Mobile app.


Some effects must complete their cycle before the light will change to a new effect, be aware of this if the speed is set low and you are attempting to change to a new effect or color.
If an effect page has a save button, this means changing the effect or color via the color wheel, you need to press save to apply the changes. This is the same for renaming a device, modifying speed or brightness and other settings.
If your device does not respond or is slow to respond, verify WiFi signal strength is good where the lights are, as well as your mobile device. Remove power from the light and plug it back in, verify it flashes green meaning its connected to WiFi. If it flashes Red, go back through the setup process to reconfigure the WiFi details on your light.

You can turn the light off and on by pressing the power icon in the top right of the device page. If the icon is white the light is on, black the light is off and red the light is inaccessible.

Screenshot 20201020 205359 CandiStick

If the values for Brightness, Speed or other settings are blank, this also means the device is inaccessible, please check your settings and reboot your light.

Screenshot 20201020 205415 CandiStick



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Unable to connect to the CandiStick WiFi access point during initial configuration
If your mobile device fails to connect to the WiFi of the CandiStick during the initial setup, please remove power from the CandiStick device and also turn WiFi completely off and back on on your mobile device.
Allow the CandiStick to fully startup, it will flashy Red briefly. Now retry scanning for WiFi and connect to the CC-#### network to configure the CandiStick for your home network.
The mobile app detects no devices when I scan for them
Be sure your CandiStick is setup and configured to connect to your home network wireless. You must use a 2.4ghz network, 5ghz networks are not supported.
Unplug power from your CandiStick and plug it back in, the CandiStick will try to connect to WiFi (lighting up blue as it does) if it flashes Red it means the CandiStick cannot connect to your WiFi network. Make sure it is in range of your router, or redo the initial WiFi configuration and allow it to connect.
You will know it is successful as the CandiStick will flash green after connecting to your WiFi network.
You can also check the Help Menu. This is found from the Home Screen by pressing the Question Mark "?" icon in the top left of the Home Screen. At the bottom of the screen it should show your detected network. If this is blank or invalid, please resetting settings. You can reset settings by pressing the Gear Icon on the top right of the Home Screen and then pressing the Red Trash Can in the top right. It will ask for confirmation of resetting all settings.
Once you have cleared all settings, press the Scan Button again and allow it to discover your network and devices.
Screenshot 20201104 220423 CandiStick
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