DIY Mini Lab Bench Power Supply (With Switchable DC and AC Input)

This video will show you how to make a small yet functional lab bench power supply, with the added feature of being able to power it from any DC power source anywhere between 3 and 50V.

Warning: Working with 110V or 220V is extremely dangerous without proper knowledge. Please consult a professional if unsure. I am not responsible for injuries or damages caused by this power supply during build or use.

How to Make the Ultimate 18650 Power Bank with Infinitely Expandable Capacity

In this video K R A L Y N 3D will show you the ultimate solution to power on the go. This DIY power bank features a removable battery pack, which can be easily replaced, giving this power bank unlimited capacity as long as you have enough cells. The cost of the row components of this power bank is around 60 dollars, which is two times cheaper than anything commercially equivalent.