DIY Reflow Plate

I’m preparing a video where I show you how to make the PCB design and order the panel version for your board and then solder all components at once. In that way you can save time and finish your product faster so they will be ready for sale. To do that I need a reflow hot plate and that’s what we will build today using a second-hand clothes iron. We need to measure the temperature, show the power and that temperature on a screen so the user could see the values, we need to control power and in this case a lot of power because my iron is of 3000W, and then we need to have some sort of menu or control in order to select the settings. Let me show you what parts we need, the connections I will do, how to measure and control the temperature at high power and also show you the code. Finally, let’s see if this homemade reflow hot plate will work and if I can reach the desired temperature curve, so what do you think, will it work? So, guys, let’s get started.

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