Bobby Towers’ Trochee Is a Parameterized, 3D-Printable, Raspberry Pi Pico-Powered One-Hand Keyboard

Designed for accessibility, this Clojure-based project can be tweaked for your individual requirements.

Developer Bobby Towers has shown off two 3D-printed keyboards with a difference: These multi-colored marvels are designed for one-handed use, and powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico.

“There are many reasons and situations where one would find themselves without use of one or both of their hands. Injuries, disabilities, child-rearing, and probably countless others I haven’t thought of,” Towers explains of the reason for switching from a traditional two-handed keyboard layout to one more usable with a single hand. “Usually though, unless the reason is permanent, it is not worth the monetary investment to justify a $400-$1000 Maltron [single-handed] keyboard. I think this is a major problem, and if there were a cheaper option, more people would enjoy a more productive lifestyle while in these compromised situations.”

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