David Hansel’s ArduinoFDC Converts an Arduino Into a USB Floppy Drive Controller

Requiring no additional hardware beyond an Arduino Uno, Nano, Pro Micro, Mega, or compatible, ArduinoFDC is surprisingly powerful.

Developer David Hansel has published a tool that aims to make it easy to integrate classic floppy drives with a modern computer: ArduinoFDC, turning an Arduino Uno, Nano, Pro Mini, or Mega into a functional USB floppy controller.

“ArduinoFDC consists of three parts,” Hansel explains of his Arduino Sketch. “A library providing low-level functions to allow reading and writing disks at the sector level as well as low-level formatting disks. Integration of ChaN’s brilliant FatFS library to provide file-level functions for reading and writing files and directories in a FAT (MS-DOS) file system and a high-level format function to initialize a FAT file system.”

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