Automatic Cereal Dispenser With Facial Recognition

A device that automatically dispenses cereal when a face is recognized on a Raspberry Pi camera running OpenCV.

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. Nearly a quarter of individuals in the U.S do not eat breakfast and this mainly due to not having enough time in the mornings. I believe that time is not the issue robbing us of our sweet sustenance and is a simple fact that cereal boxes are too heavy. I wanted to create a machine that would use Artificial Intelligence to detect specific people and pour the cereal they like for them to conserve the critical energy that is needed to tackle the day. Picking up a cereal box has gotten more and more difficult throughout the years with the increase in cereal box size. To combat the strain to muscles that daily cereal box pouring can cause, my device makes it easy to keep your weak muscles safe and nourished.

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