Ashcon Mohseninia’s Rust-Based Open Vehicle Diagnostics Aim to Break the Manufacturer Stranglehold

Written in Rust, Open Vehicle Diagnostics aims to reach feature-parity with expensive manufacturer-specific ECU management solutions.

Undergraduate student Ashcon Mohseninia has released a Rust-based open source tool, created for a final year project at the University of Reading, designed to offer engine control unit (ECU) diagnostics: Open Vehicle Diagnostics (OVD).

“I know there are some open source diagnostic software suites out there that work on Linux,” Mohseninia writes of the project. “However they are focused on the ELM327 adapter and OBD2, whereas this is focused more on the more advanced diagnostics, essentially building a utility which could have feature parity to OEM diagnostics software such as Daimler’s Veidmao/Xentry/Das or VW VAG software.”

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